How Your Business Can Benefit From Using An Outbound Call Center

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For decades, business have benefited from using the services of call centers. Outbound call services have provided businesses services like telemarketing, while inbound call centers have provided businesses with services like customer service and technical support for customers.

A call center is usually a large, centralized office with cubicles that offer agents all the telecommunication technology they need to manage a large volume of calls on behalf of diverse clients. These centers are usually open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for most days of the year.

How an Outbound Call Center Can Help With Generating Leads and Sales

While, of course, you have the option of many marketing methods for improving your sales, here are 5 reasons why many customers rely on an outbound call center to improve their volume of sales:

  1. It is cheaper to use a call center than to simply ask your own office staff to call prospects. Call centers are massive, have well-trained and experienced agents, can make a large number of calls per hour, and are staffed 24/7. It would cost you a small fortune to replicate the work that they do.
  2. Instead of putting your staff to work to get leads, you can put them to work on other projects necessary for the success of your business.
  3. Call centers have trained agents who know how to follow a script, build rapport with customers, and provide the technical information a prospect might ask about. Moreover, these agents have often specialized in your industry. Finally, besides training, they also have plenty of experience dealing with all kinds of customers.

Technology Used By OutBound Call Centers

The technology used by outbound call centers has transformed the industry, tripling the amount of contacts per hour.

Here are four examples of the technology now being used to improve the efficacy of an agent’s work:

  1. A predictive dialer calculates variables like number of calls to make based on the rate of connection. It also gathers real time data and collects an agent’s call statistics.
  2. A power ratio dialer balances calls to agent ratios.
  3. A progressive dialer determines how many calls that a call center’s telecommunication system needs to make based on how many agents are available to handle these calls.
  4. A preview dialer provides a quick review of previous customer contact. An agent is most effective if they have some idea about past interactions with the prospect.

It’s also important for a call center to be in TCPA Compliance, that is, conforming with the regulations of the Telephone Consumer Protection ACT. As a result safeguards are in place when a call center uses automated dialing technology.

What Kind of Call Center to Use

If you’re thinking of increasing your leads with telemarketing, you might be confused about what kind of call center to use for the services you need.

Here is a simple explanation to clarify the different types of call centers:

Although call centers specialize between inbound and outbound calls, this does not mean that one facility is just an inbound call center while another is just an outbound call center. What usually happens is that a call center divides into two specialized units: those that handle inbound calls and those that handle outbound calls. However, if it specializes in doing more inbound calls, say, over 50%, it’s called an inbound call center and if it specializes in a larger percentage of outbound calls then it’s called an outbound call center.

This specialization is necessary for 3 main reasons:

  • The natures of the calls are different, requiring agents to use different skill sets.
  • The technology used may be slightly different, too. For instance, inbound calls don’t need to use dialer technology.
  • Rarely do customers want both services; they usually want one or the other. If customers do happen to need to both generate sales and provide customer service or technical support, then they can split the work into two distinct operations.

Should You Use a Call Center?

One of the biggest benefits of using a call center is that your customers speak to a real person instead of interacting with an impersonal piece of advertising or interactive software. Direct person-to-person contact is usually the most effective ways of increasing sales.

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