Three Ways To Get Honest Feedback From Clients


Feedback is important to businesses. It’s one sure way to know how your products and services are working for people. If no one ever gives you criticism, how will you know if you need to make changes?

You want feedback, whether it is good or bad. The bad feedback lets you know where to make those changes and maybe even which things just aren’t working at all. Good feedback will let you know where your business has got things right and will allow you to place your focus on other projects that do need work.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get feedback. Here are some ways to help make it easier for your clients and customers to let you know how you’re doing, in their eyes.

Offer A Survey

While not everyone likes to take surveys on their experiences, some people enjoy them and feel it’s a great way to express their feelings about a company, product, or service. You’ve probably noticed that many retail and service industries now have info on their receipts where people can get online and take a survey to express how they felt about a visit or transaction.

Even if you don’t have a brick and mortar business you can still offer surveys. Email a survey to people after they’ve purchased a product or used your services. You can even post links on your social media sites leading people to your survey (a great way to survey people that aren’t yet customers, which can let you find out why they aren’t).

Ask For Reviews/Testimonials

If a survey seems like too much work to set up or you aren’t getting enough feedback from your surveys, you can ask for reviews and testimonials. Testimonials will all be good things said about your company, or your products and services. That means you want something more than just that.

Make sure that on your eCommerce site you give people the ability to leave reviews whenever they make a purchase. Encourage them to leave one with a mention of it in the email they get confirming their purchase. You can even give them a reminder when you deliver their product.

Get On Social Media

Social media business pages have the option to have reviews available. People can get right on there and give you however many stars they think you deserve and they can even write an actual review of the experience.

Social media does get a bad rap as being a place where people only complain about businesses and the products and services they received. However, there are plenty of people out there giving well-deserved good reviews too! Post on your page asking people to leave honest reviews.

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