How to Use Social Media to Increase Profits

digitalmarketingSocial media marketing is one of the most effective methods to draw in new clients as well as connect with your existing clients. Millions of people use social media each and every day, and online business owners are finally seeing it as a valid choice for marketing. One of the best reasons to use social media is to connect with your customers; you can post status and engage in conversations.

However, more business owners need to use social media to draw in more clients and increase their profits. The question is how to accomplish this. It is important to have great customer service. You are going to depend on existing customers posting positive reviews and sharing their products with their friends and families.

Here are some other great ways to increase your revenue by increased traffic through social media.

  1. Have Eye-Catching Headlines

You need a blog for your website. It is where you can draw in readers for your niche area. Then, they are more likely to purchase from your website. When you write these articles, the headlines have to jump out and make people want to click the link. On social media, people come upon plenty of articles, so your article has to stand out and make people want to find your website.

  1. Use Videos

Videos are all the rage right now, and if you want to connect with your base, post videos for them of your product. People are busy and they would generally prefer to watch a quick video about your newest item or new sale promo than read a lengthy article. Doing a Q&A video also can help viewers because customers.

  1. Give Incentives for Feedback

To stand out on the Facebook, reviews matter. It comes up instantly on your page how many stars you have. Give incentives for customers to leave feedback. Maybe, they can get a discount on their next purchase with a review. Also, they could have their names entered into a drawing for each review left on your website for the products. People love incentives; tap into that!

  1. Infographics

People prefer information to be clear and concise. If you want to get your information or reasons for purchase to your viewers easily, create some infographics. Some consumers spend 25% of their time on social media, and infographics will cause them to stop and read.

  1. You Need Pinterest

Social bookmarking is huge right now, especially Pinterest. People love to share their new finds with their friends. You have to equip your website with a Pin It button. This means you need images on your articles so people can easily pin and share.

  1. Increase Visuals

Google gives higher search engine rankings to those websites that include a blend of images, videos and text. In order to make an impact on your readers, you need great visuals. Don’t opt for just stock photos; use images that will draw the attention of your viewers. If you are using Tumblr, they focus on images.

  1. Engage in Conversation

You aren’t some elite CEO; you are a business owner who wants to convince people to purchase from your business. Consumers like to place a human face to the business they are supporting. Add people to your Twitter account. Read their comments on Facebook and comment back. If they tag you on Instagram, make a comment back! Be a true person to your customers.

  1. Understand How to Use Twitter

For some people, Twitter is complex and difficult. It is a great idea to spend some time and learn how to use Twitter properly. It is a great social media tool to connect with consumers and advertise your business.

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