Design Tips For An Outstanding Exhibition Stand

tradeshowAn exhibition stand is one of the most important components of a trade show or exhibition.   Proper planning and designing is needed to help attract attention, as well as be able to display all your products and artwork for optimal exposure. Although coming up with the right design for the stand can be a complicated exercise, it’s always advisable to try to get it right all the time.   Outlined below are several tips to help you design your exhibition stand properly.

  1. Create a Concept

The first step to designing an outstanding stand is by creating a concept of the same. Working with themes that tie up with every element, as well as your marketing strategy is recommended especially when creating a concept. Ensuring the idea/theme blends with the products being promoted is advisable as it helps shed some light on the same.

  1. Account for every inch of space

Take some time to find out how much designated exhibition space you have before going any further with the design. If space it too limited for your current exhibition stand design, you may then have to strip it down, as well as make use of every square inch of space you have. This is the only way to make the most out of the stand.

  1. Prepare a work plan

You need to develop a 3-dimensional plan for your stand to optimize every inch of space available.   Every element (including product displays, technology, furniture, signage, etc.) needs to be considered when preparing the plan. You also need to factor in space for customers and staff to ensure the stand is practical. It would be best if you display fewer products rather than cramming the entire space with pop-up displays.

  1. Consider technology

Technology has become a part and parcel of almost everything we do today, which is why it should be considered when designing an exhibition stand. Consider having some bit of technology on your stands, such as enabling potential customers and audiences see your website. You should also consider creating DVDs of your products for your clients to watch, or even direct them to a download link where they can get more info and insight online.

  1. Lights

Every modern exhibition stand requires proper lighting as a design element. Aside from depending on the conference or trade show lighting, consider adding some oomph by using colored lights, sports lights, or even use lights to highlight products within the stand.

  1. Make use of colors

Using colored lights in your stand can make it stand out from other stands; hence, attract more audience and potential customers. You however need to be careful what colors you use in the exhibition stand, as a wrong choice could repel some fans. Nevertheless, proper choice of color can attract more viewers your way.

  1. Use simple signage

Although signs help attract interested audiences and customers your way, it would be best to keep it simple. A simple, well-crafted sign is much more to understand and speaks volumes than one bloated with signs and images. Keeping your signage simple also helps audiences want to know more about what you have to offer. In addition to this, most people love simple things.

  1. Work on the atmosphere

Work on the exhibition stand’s atmosphere to create a peaceful and entirely different environment from the surroundings. Using a blend of colors, scents, shapes, and lighting can help to create a unique atmosphere for your audiences. This should help attract more attention from potential customers and audiences.

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