Impress Co-workers with these 5 Custom Desktop Hacks

You spend a great deal of time in your work environment, working on your computer; so why not take the time to make it a little more attractive (and possibly increase productivity)? This may seem daunting, but the fact is that it is not as difficult as originally imagined. This article provides you with some top tips on how to customize your desktop irrespective of the type of operating system being used.

1. Changing the Icons

Changing icons can be a great way to make the computer slightly prettier; whether it is one, two, or all of the icons on the desktop. No matter what you are interested in, it is quite simple to alter the icons on your system and make them more personalized. The individual applications and folders are possibly the simplest items to change on Windows and OS X; whereas, the system icons may be more difficult. To make the task quick and painless, it may be beneficial for Windows users to review IconPackager. Yet, while this product can be helpful it can also be quite ‘finicky’, so it may be best to back up your system beforehand.

2. Organizing the Mess

Of course, the change in icon appearance will be meaningless if the desktop is covered in different icons. This doesn’t mean you cannot go through with the change; you definitely can! All that needs to be done is a quick clearing of the desktop and some organization of the icons which can easily be done using an app, such as Fences or Desktop Groups. Not only will these apps clear the icons, but they will also organize them according to category, project, or any other filing you may require or desire.

3. Personalizing the Logon and Start Screen

Log on and start screens can be very dull, and sometimes depressing, if left to the Windows default style; however, it is possible to liven the screens and make them more appealing. One of the basic alterations to be made is the profile picture.

4. The Desktop Effects

Do you ever feel as though your desktop could have a more appealing and lively appearance when un-minimizing it? Do you possibly feel a pang of jealousy when you see that amazing desktop cube available on Linux system computers? Do not fear, this is available for Windows users as well. A free app known as Dexpot provides Window users with exciting animations to apply as desktop effects, including the Linux-style cube. If you are looking to go that one step further, it is possible to why not go all out with a 4K wallpaper – there’s a wide selection and with such a high pixel density they’re bound to impress on any screen.

5. Creating A HUD

One thing we have learned from the amazing desktops sent it is that an attractive HUD can be highly beneficial. All Windows users should review our guide to create an appealing, personalized HUD using a variety of programs found online. These programs provide various skins and themes that are easily applied; and though OS X users may need to do slightly more work than Linux, it is still possible to end up with the same amazing results.

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