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Janet Xuccoa Releases New Book to Help Kiwis with their Finances

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Janet Xuccoa (partner of Gilligan Rowe + Associates) has just released a book titled “101 Money Secrets” aimed at people who want to improve their personal finances.

Janet also wrote a book on trusts for New Zealand which is extremely good so I know this one will be packed full of good advice.

Over the years, Janet has written numerous articles for different publications including the New Zealand Property magazine, the Investor magazine, Verve magazine and Business to Business Newspaper. She has also contributed to a number of prominent websites and electronic newsletters.

This book will show you:

+ How to identify and capitalise on your money personality
+ Ways to get out of the debt trap and stay in the black
+ Practical systems for organising your money
+ Decision making tools to help you decide whether to rent or buy your own home
+ Tips to help you buy your own home in a way that increases your wealth
+ Methods to get the right mortgage for your personal circumstances
+ Questions to ask to avoid insurance traps
+ Lessons to teach your children and teenagers healthy money habits
+ Strategies to form a financial flight plan tailored to your personal needs
+ Techniques to build your wealth through cash, bonds, property and shares
+ Approaches to implement to achieve a successful, happy retirement
+ Tactics to deal with divorce and to move on
+ Golden Keys to use and manage your estate properly.