Do you work hard for money or does money work hard for you?

business money managementFinancial Excellence combines the two essential components of mind management and money management. Do you have a focused and creative mind + financial intelligence?

Money management is all about what you do with your money and mind management is about what you allow money to do to you.

At the end of the day money is simply an exchange for goods and services. If you can offer something to someone that has value to them then you can make money.

People who excel in financial excellence don’t focus on how much money they make, but rather see money simply as a bi-product of what they choose to do in life. They are in a position where they control their money without their money controlling them and this is through developing both the mindset and knowledge base that allows them to be “money smart” in life.

Step 1 Explore your mind-set

How do you think about your money? Your thoughts play a significant role in the determination of your financial situation.

Please notice the difference between the following statements:

Pockets of income vs. multiple income streams
You have to work hard to get anywhere in life vs. I can have fun learning how to make money in new and creative ways
Go for broke vs. go for gold
I would rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable vs. Money builds wealth, builds jobs, builds lives and builds dreams

Take a moment to reflect on some of the thoughts and beliefs you have around money. What kind of family environment did you grow up in? Was money readily available or was money tight? If you have a belief that “Money doesn’t grow on trees” ask yourself, “Where did that belief come from?” You learnt it, somebody gave you the belief! In recognising that this isn’t your belief you can begin to let it go and consciously create empowering beliefs of your choice that will support you in moving forward.

Step 2 Build your knowledge base

The great thing about money is that “Money never sleeps”!

What do you need to learn about money to know how to create passive income streams?

Learn about budgeting, learn about investing, learn about the difference between passive and active income, learn about the unlimited possibilities money holds for you!

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in life, you may be on a wage or self employed or purely investing, start where you are right now. This is about planting the seeds on the inside to see and experience the growth on the outside.

Remember a key trait to Human Excellence is going beyond what you already know you can do.