It’s time to dust off your brain and heart

improve your office moraleHave you ever wondered why businesses frequently change their logos, decor and uniforms. What was wrong with the old look? Everyone knew who they were and what they did. Why the need to change?

It’s like the supermarkets – they are always changing where they have things in the aisles and moving products about – how annoying it all seems.

Well, there is a reason to all this seeming madness.

They do it to create excitement and ENERGY. To get the audience re-energised and looking again in their space.

Retailers change their windows at least every two weeks (or they should be) to ensure that people keep looking in their direction.

These new looks can create news and sometimes controversy. All that controversy is energy. It affects both the customers and the staff and gets them talking.

The outside look affects the inside and the inside impacts the outside. That’s where the saying ‘fake it till you make it’ may come from.

Is it time for you to have a makeover, inside as well as outside? Blow away the cobwebs inside your head; put in some new thoughts and create a new energy.

I always think Spring is a great time to re-invent ourselves, lives, business, or just to move the furniture around in the house – to get ready for summer living.

Let’s face it, the economy is starting to turn around and that means the opportunities are out there waiting to be picked up. The thing is, you’ll only spot them if you are looking. You’ll only be looking if you have the belief and the energy that there are new and exciting ventures to be had.

So do you start with the outside? For example you could start with your hair, a new cut or colour. Maybe a new look suit, tie, handbag or briefcase. Paint the house, or liven your space with new plants and colours.

Or you could start with the inside; take a course, start a new hobby or have a get together with some positively minded friends.

When you have built up your energy, just watch those opportunities coming knocking on your door.

ENJOY spring. Rock on Summer.

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