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Business Is Like Surfing Follow These Tips

Don’t surf with sharks.. Take lessons, learn how. – Who’s your business advisor?

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Don’t surf with sharks.

  1. Take lessons, learn how. – Who’s your business advisor?
  2. Never surf alone – Where’s your business community?
  3. Don’t surf with sharks – Make your own business rules, don’t play by others’.
  4. Stay out of unfamiliar waters – stick to your knitting.
  5. Ride one wave at a time – do one thing good first.
  6. Watch the weather – pay attention to your market.
  7. Balance well – it could all come crashing down quickly.
  8. Know where you’re going – plan the next few “steps”.
  9. Don’t get distracted waving for the cameras – don’t relax too early.
  10. Ride the small waves first – grow into the big ones. Grow into business.
  11. Let somebody else make the board – outsource everything.
  12. Get advice – Just because you’re wet doesn’t mean there is surf – where is your target market?
  13. Know when to jump in – time kills deals.
  14. Know when to stay on the beach – big opportunities aren’t always good.
  15. Change technique before you decide to quit (it’s not surfing, it’s the way YOU are surfing).
  16. Never think you’ve learned it all.
  17. Don’t fight a rip tide. – Roll w/ the punches.
  18. Know when to go home. – Don’t bet on the come.
  19. Paddling is everything – Conation – committed movement in a purposeful direction. – commitment is more important than anything else
  20. MOST IMPORTANT – Paddle harder AFTER you get momentum! It’s the only way to catch the wave so you can stop paddling altogether! (see last week’s Business is Like Surfing)

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