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Time Management Tips for the Mompreneur

Do any of these phrases represent your situation? Many if not all mompreneurs try to battle against time in order to achieve their daily goals. Time waits for no one.

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“Where does all my time go?”
“I never have enough time.”
“I’m a single mom, I want to start my business but I have no help.”

Do any of these phrases represent your situation? Many if not all mompreneurs try to battle against time in order to achieve their daily goals. Time waits for no one.

Have you ever looked at successful female entrepreneurs, who are also mothers, wives, or maybe single mothers, and wonder “How do they do it?!” The secret weapon in their arsenal is Time Management. They are masters of the skill – but it wasn’t mastered over night. Successful time management takes practice, and the right balance.

I own two successful businesses; knexxion communication group and The Career Advisors, I take courses part-time, I attend networking events regularly, I cook, I clean, I do laundry, oh, and I have a six month old daughter.

Here are some tips I live by in order to survive and make it all work:

Recognize when you need help:

It doesn’t do anyone any good if you think you can handle it all (when you can’t) only to burn out hours, weeks or months later. Trying to do it all is counterproductive.

Find someone dependable and trustworthy to help you:

Ladies, it’s all about BALANCE! I can not stress this enough. Don’t be afraid to ask a trusted friend, or grand parent to help out a couples hours during the day while you focus on business. If friends or family are not an option for you try a family home daycare – You’ll be surprised to find that sweet older lady in your neighborhood is retired, and babysits for extra spending money. They’re hundreds of dollars cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about them putting your child out on the stoop if you arrive at 6.05 pm.

Another option is to hire a neighborhood teen to come to your home, and watch your children while you work.

Hire an assistant – I get tones of e-mails from college students wanting to work for free in exchange for real life experience, and if they meet my requirements I’ll throw a few small projects their way. When my load is lightened, I can focus on larger projects. I also feel great about teaching and mentoring the younger generation.

Build A Schedule, and Prioritize

Some of you may be Early Birds, and some Night Owls – as for me, I’m definitely the night owl. I find I am more productive after 11pm, and often work until 3 or 4 am. I time delay my e-mails so they are sent no earlier than 7am; no annoyance, no sleep disturbance. During the day I exercise, cook, clean, do laundry and spend quality time with my daughter. I keep in touch with clients and industry news via my blackberry.

Invest in a dayplanner ? I find writing everything down helps, and I don?t have to worry about forgetting any important details. Winners/Homesense often has great planners at a fraction of the cost, and they look cute. There are appointment, daily and monthly style planners – choose one that works for you.

Another great tool is Tungle, an online appointment calendar which you can sync with your computer’s calendar, and/or blackberry. Anyone who wants to get in touch with you can see your availability, and schedule their own appointment – the appointment is then sent your email or calendar for confirmation.

Don’t Forget to Network!

Networking should never be neglected. Even when you feel it’s not important – it is. Pick two or three events to attend each month. Read up on the event or speaker to ensure it’s applicable to your business, and worth your time. A growing network is a catalyst for a successful business.

Execute Your Schedule:

You may find you have to tweak your schedule multiple times in order to make it work, and that’s OK! One of the perks of owning your own business is flexibility, so don’t feel pressured to do everything between the hours of 9-5.

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