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The Secret World of Shadow Systems

The term Shadow System recalls to my mind James Bond movies’ SPECTRE organization. The truth is much more trivial. Shadow systems are those fantastic gothic cathedrals built with Excel which keep so many businesses running.

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3 Reasons why I Think Spelling is Important

I recently read an article by someone I haven’t met, but have learned to respect, by what they’ve written before. This article had two spelling errors in it; well one spelling and one, the incorrect word used eg to, two, too.

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Cooperating with the Cloud; The Basics of What to Know

The phenomenon of cloud computing has become a part of daily life across the globe. And while it is used by many people, few know what cloud computing is, how it affects them, the advantages and disadvantages and how it can spread cooperation between organizations and through the world.

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Stop looking at your numbers

I tell biz owners “Numbers is the language of business”, but also that numbers rarely tell the truth. Not because we did bad math, but because we look at pictures when we should be watching movies. Want to know how you’re doing? Grab the popcorn.

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