Link Exchange Request Between Your Site And My Site

virus signI guess many of you have received these bogus e-mails with content such as below and thought that this was from a real person who really wants to help you build up your page rank.

Ah – no.

These types of e-mails are from “robots” or software that people can buy that automatically locates websites within (roughly) the same category as theirs and automatically sends out a standard template email such as the one below.

I recommend you ignore them as the only ones that will benefit from the link exchange are the ones using this software. The link they add to their site (90% of the time they don’t) will be hidden from normal view and most likely ignored by the search engines anyway. I consider this type of practice 1 step-below spamming.


My name is <insert bogus name here>. At the moment I am working for a reputable firm
that is, just like your site, related to book publishing. I have greatly
enjoyed visiting your site, and I was wondering if you
would be interested in exchanging links with my client, which has a related
subject. I can offer you a link back from an important spots on the homepage
of my websites:

<insert spammers sites here>

This reciprocal link exchange will result in better rankings on the search
engines and more visitors for both, your website and my client’s. If
interested please let me know how you want me to add your site, in other
words what title to use and the URL you want to promote.

I will add your link as soon as I receive the confirmation from you. As soon
as it’s ready, I’ll send you an email along with the details (TITLE and URL)
of my website to be placed at yours.

I hope you have a nice day and thank you for your time. Please note I have
carefully picked your site among many others because I am looking only for
relevant link partners. If you are looking for high rankings on the Search
Engines please write me back as well and I will be happy to send you a

Kindest regards,
<insert bogus name here>

And another example…

My name is <insert bogus name>, SEO Consultant. I’ve greatly enjoyed looking through your site and I was wondering if you’d be interested
in providing a link to one of our client www.<insert spam website>.com. In lieu of this link, we will provide a link back or
more from our human edited directories that have built good credibility with search engines.

Our linking details:

Please add following details to your website and we will give you as many link backs as you provide. (In case you have more
than one website)

URL : http://www.<insert spam website>.com
Title : <insert spam website name>
Description : <insert description> Normally contains “leader in” – YAWN! Who still uses “leader in” in their marketing?

If you are interested, please add the above link details to your website and please send me the URL and TITLE in order to
list your website. I’ll add your link as soon as possible.

I hope you have a nice day and thank you for your time.

<insert bogus name>