Speed recruiting: Is it the new way to hire?

meetingThe Financial Services Industry Exchange (F-SIX) organization (a networking group focused on bringing together LGBT professionals in Financial Services) recently invited its members to participate in a “Minute-to-Spin-it Recruiting Event” hosted by Thomas Reuters.

To participate one had to submit their CV and provide reasons why one should be invited to attend the event. Given that I’ve experienced many networking events and never speed-recruiting, I was intrigued and decided to submit my details.

My experience with speed-anything typically involved an even number of people playing musical chairs and quickly seeing if there’s a match. So, on the day of the event, I was really curious to see how it was going to work with only 4 recruiters and 24 candidates.

Fortunately, the team put us at ease by explaining other team members would stay with us in the “holding area” to socialize/network while teams of 4 rotated into the “interview area”.

I thought it was a great concept because it allowed recruiters to see the dynamics of the candidates in a social setting while being able to further understand the details of ones experiences in a formal interview.

When it was my turn to enter the “interview area”, my recruiter was very prepared which made the conversation flow smoothly. In talking to other candidates, it seemed that the some found the interview easy and others found it difficult.

Overall, it was a great experience and I left with the impression that the company was open to new and creative ideas.

As companies start to slowly rehire, they will be challenged with selecting employees from amongst thousands of talented and experienced people. So, don’t be surprised if other great concepts like this one start popping up.

Please reach out if you’ve had similar experiences. It would be great to hear from you.