8 Mistakes Businesses Are Still Making Even In 2016

You’d think that by now many businesses would have been able to iron out all the common problems that normally crop up in companies. But you’d be surprised to learn that a number of businesses are still making many mistakes, even in 2016. Most of it is down to a company not wanting to keep […]

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human resources

How your HR team can double your bottom line quicker than your sales staff

Shield, Work, Setting, Workplace, Invitation, EnterThe bottom line of any business is the spend that it needs to make to remaining functioning as a business. The more this bottom line is controlled and the smaller these overheads, the more profit a business makes. Profit means a healthy business with plenty of cash to investment back […]

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Why You Need a CompSci Degree to Make Money in Business

You might pay rent on office space for your company, but more likely than not, your company actually exists online. It’s not just you: Nearly every business is digitizing, and it is happening at an astonishing rate. Email, virtual meetings, smart scheduling, e-commerce, cloud storage, and so many more digital processes have transformed the way […]

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Is Procrastination Destroying Your Career?

By now, you’ve surely realized that running a business isn’t an easy deal. It requires a lot of patience, extreme amounts of hard work and the ability to bounce back from mistakes that are made. One of the things that can’t afford to creep into your mindset is procrastination. You’re constantly busy as a business […]

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How the Internet of Things Will Change Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an interconnected body of internet-enabled objects that collect, track and share data. The Internet of Things is already being used in retail, mobile technology, and businesses worldwide. With the potential for massive growth, IoT is posed to create a massive shift in how companies do business. How can your […]

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5 Security Tips For Choosing Data Centres

Data centres contain the most critical and confidential information for most businesses. If it’s not safe and secure, any private and confidential information about clients, company’s operations or employees will become public knowledge. That’s a breach that most companies in today’s economy can’t afford to go through.

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10 Customer Retention Strategies For Small Businesses

Marketing a small business can be tough, and expensive. However, a lot of that expense is in finding new customers – retaining them is much cheaper. So, as a small business owner with a limited budget, it makes sound financial sense to keep as many clients as you possibly can. Bear in mind that many […]

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Startup Team

Who’s on Your Startup Team? The People You Need the Most

When starting your business, you undoubtedly will look for help. Even when you have experience and knowledge of your industry, there will be areas in which you’re lacking the insight and skill you need – not to mention, pulling together a team helps keep your workload manageable and improves your overall product and operational capacity.

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6 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Ready for Growth Yet

Growth is like vegetables: quite possibly the best thing for a budding business. Growth allows for better security and less risk, greater profit potentials, and more prestige and authority within your community and industry. Growth makes you feel good. However, growth is also like ice cream: You can’t have it whenever you want.

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Health Insurance

The Necessity of Consulting a Financial Advisor for Health Insurance Needs

Putting aside adequate resources for healthcare needs has become a major concern for Indian citizens. While innovations in healthcare are constant, people are also living longer and consequently facing newer and pervasive healthcare challenges. These circumstances have necessitated a greater focus on healthcare expenditures and are compelling people to think about overwhelming medical expenditures over […]

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