Returning to the fold: how to win back customers

You want the business to grow. You know how hard the sales and marketing teams work to get new customers. You know how long it takes to tempt clients away from your competitors. Yet, at times there’s an attitude of inevitability that when you lose a customer there’s nothing to be done.

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Email marketing

Top 6 Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

So, you own a small business and have a very limited budget allotted for marketing, what do you do? Here is a hint: Try utilizing emails as a tool for your brand’s marketing. It is free and is still widely utilized by blogs, services websites and online shops throughout the world.

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How Bankruptcies Work for Companies

One of the first things that your advisors will tell you when you start up your company is to legally separate your personal finances from your company finances. This separation is one of the biggest benefits of incorporating early. Legally separating yourself from your company helps keep your personal finances and livelihood protected if things […]

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Content Marketing Are You In The 50 Percent?

We’ve heard it all before but it’s worth repeating it time and time again. Content is king and organic custom content should form the basis of your inbound marketing strategies. It is perfect for your blog, SEO, email marketing and social media engagement and fifty percent of businesses get it – so what about the […]

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5 Portable Devices for Every Business Traveller

Staying connected to the internet 24/7 has become a norm for business professionals whether it is about checking emails or delivering presentations. In this fast paced world, businesses have to be one step ahead to succeed. Managing back-to-back meetings and staying organized can be tough but with few portable multi-purpose gadgets, you can manage it […]

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Should you have a DIY or Custom Website Design? The 7 Deciding Factors

Regardless of the size of your business, having a website is a must. However, smaller sized busi-nesses often find themselves struggling with how best to develop their site. Typically there are two options a small business can pursue: hire a professional website design company or devel-op the site on their own using pre-made templates such […]

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Predicting the Price of Oil

The price of oil is the topic of interest in the media right now. Some reports say it’s going up other reports say it’s going down – who do you believe? For consumers it’s cheaper at the pump and that’s welcoming but the lower price is strangling businesses and nations who are dependent on it […]

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American Masters

How to get your email marketing started in 2015

Eighty percent of success is turning up – a wonderful quote by Woody Allen. Use it to inspire you to get your business email marketing campaigns underway for the year. It’s always the first step that’s the hardest though so how do you get started on your first email marketing message of the year?

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