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Your Mother Was Wrong

Your parents, 3rd grade teacher, college professor and Giant Corporation, Inc. all have you chasing the wrong dream. It’s no wonder most people aren’t excited about where they’re going. My mother thought I was nuts when, after six years, I left the army 29 years ago.

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How & Why to Find a Locally-Owned Bank

The velocity of the dollar. Macro capitalism has given micro-capitalism a bad name. The purpose of capitalism is to create the velocity of the dollar locally – everyone prospers. Big biz takes that dollar away to “headquarters”. Here’s one way to keep your dollar in your town.

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Don’t take advice from T-Rex

The overwhelming majority of small business advice is from people showing us how Giant Corporation, Inc. managed to free themselves from the drudgery of being small to finally become “great”. It’s time these patronizing forces understood that small business and big business are two entirely different animals.

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Business as Community

We’re all supposed to think the rugged individualist is the great American way to do business. I’m a reformed rugged individualist and can tell you that if you want to build a successful business, going it alone is a bad idea. When you go to college you have all kinds of community available to you. […]

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It’s In The Stars!

As business consultants, we are often asked why one business succeeds and another, almost identical, business flounders. Once, feeling rather facetious, I answered: “It’s in the stars!” It was a stupid, throwaway line, of course, not intended as a serious thought. But, like many a jest, it has a kernel of truth… No, we are […]

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