Great Idea: A projection of a image over the table, transforming any flat surface into a keyboard.

I love smart ideas and this one was sent to me – I had to share.

The iPhone’s touchscreen is a masterpiece of invention. But when it comes to typing texts quickly, it has serious limitations. It would be great if you could record, for example, the minutes of a meeting in a faster way. This, of course, requires very rapid typing which is not possible without the use of, for example, a Bluetooth keyboard. This reality might change with this new idea, posted on

The iPhone 5 comes with three microphones which will make the use of a projected keyboard possible. A small projector connected to the iPhone projects the image of a keyboard onto the table, while software monitors the sound that reaches the microphones. For the keyboard the two microphones in the front will operate. As these are well spaced, it is possible to accurately identify the position of the fingers striking the projected keys on the table-keyboard surface, by the microphones which record the tapping sounds. The projector consists of a led which lights to the rear of a film, projecting the film image through a lens onto the table – the image being a keyboard. The process is similar to slide projectors. The projector has no electronics only requiring the iPhone docking port to power the lamp. It may require a button to turn the projection on and off. The projector also acts as a stand for the iPhone which can stay slightly inclined to the table, giving the user an easier viewing of the screen.

While the two audio connectors are being used, the mini-jack only serves as mechanical support, because the power supply is made by the 8-pin docking port connector.

The product is very simply constructed and will be of great advantage to the iPhone user, increasing their pleasurable user experience.

We hope it gets approved by Quirqy and becomes a real product. If you want to vote this up, the link is

By the way, Quirky seems to be a cool initiative, you can check out many other cool projects in there.

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