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How To Protect Your Business Over The Winter Season

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The festive season is upon us, but before you close those company doors consider these safeguards for your business.

For example, have you had a professional risk assessment for extreme weather events? Have a read of this handy guide brought to you by the spray booth servicing specialists at AGM Services.

Have a professional risk assessment

Let’s start with the risk assessment. During a season as quiet as winter, security should be a high priority for your business. That being said, it would be a good idea to have a professional risk assessment conducted at your property this season. This will involve hiring a security company who would come into your business and investigate the premises.

As part of this examination, “vulnerable spots” in your property will be identified, and suggestions for maximum safeguarding will then be made. The company will also suggest areas on your premises that would best benefit from having security cameras installed.

Consider smart technology

Whether you can’t get into work because of the disruptive snow, or you simply have the day off, smart technology ensures that you’d still be able to monitor your business premises.

With the most recent advancements in smart technology, did you know you can monitor your business security footage straight from your phone? As well as this, you’ll be pleased to know that you can receive phone alerts any time your security system detects that there is a problem.

Install good lighting, beef-up locks and glass

We all know that the winter season is known for its dark evenings, with the sun often setting just after 4 pm.

Unfortunately, these longer nights give criminals the perfect opportunity to hide under cover of darkness. With this in mind, you’ve got to make sure your business has sufficient levels of lightning in all of its corners, especially at the entrances and exits and those areas where your surveillance cameras are placed. Plus consider the condition of it’s exterior. Maybe your premises needs toughened-glass, better locks and window bars.

Be prepared for extreme weather conditions.

As well as dark evenings, winter is also certainly no stranger to some extreme weather conditions. Ensuring that your business’ building is weatherproof is therefore essential.

The first place to start is your roof, as winter is a time when these are more likely to become damaged. On inspection of your roof, it is vital that you look out for any loose, cracked or missing tiles, as these will cause severe problems in the event of extreme weather. It is also important to investigate whether any cracks are present near your doors and windows.

Don’t forget about your heating systems.

Not only is it important to protect your business during this time of year, but you’ve also got to make sure that you look out for your employees who occupy the premises. That being said, be sure to leave your boiler running throughout the winter season to keep your colleagues warm and toasty. Leaving your boiler on would also avoid the risk of a heating systems breakdown.

Invest in insurance cover

You may have the best safeguarding practices in place for your business, but these would mean nothing without having some form of insurance cover. From employers’ liability insurance to building and contents insurances, these financial protections will ensure that you won’t be left out of money in case something does go wrong.


In summary, when it comes to protecting your business over the winter season, it is ultimately best to be proactive and ensure that you and your company are prepared for the worst-case scenarios which may include a weather event or burglary.

Security should be your top priority. Communication is also vital. As you’ll know, the key to any successful business operation is collaboration, and this concept should not be ruled out in your business winter checklist. So, make sure that everyone in your team is aware of your safeguarding policies and knows what to do in case something does go wrong.

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