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Give English Corporate Training for Employees Online with Preply

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With the upsurge of businesses in and out of the country, the need for corporate English training has been gaining the earnest attention of industry leaders in the global arena. Suffice it to say that almost every employer now is in a constant search for a teacher who can improve their employees’ English communication skills.

Thankfully, the Preply Enterprise program is embracing this ever-growing demand with arms wide open. Known far and wide as a premier platform for language teachers and learners, it has helped several companies revitalize and achieve their goals, year in and year out.

Good news: You can do the same, too, and even make tons of profit when you work with Preply! All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and that flare of energy to follow a meaningful pursuit!

That’s right! Preply is always on the lookout for tutors who are passionate about giving online English language training for business. The best part is that you do not even have to go out of your way to do this. Preply’s English language training for employees is done online, which means you can do it right within the comfort of your home!

Aside from that, you are not going to deal with an unmanageable number of learners because the English courses are completed through one-on-one sessions. This is to ensure that every employee’s learning needs are met accordingly. Bid adieu to the unnecessary barrage of noises you usually hear whenever you teach online!

Sounds like a job you want to pursue? Read on to know more!

Q and A

What do you need to become a Preply Enterprise tutor?

Becoming a tutor is so much easier than you might think. While the process in other platforms is grueling and takes a long time to finish, the procedure in Preply is pretty straightforward.

First, you have to complete the signup on their website. Once done, you will be prompted to fill out and submit an application, which will be assessed and reviewed by the Preply team. Typically, this only takes up to 5 business days to get approved. Within that period, you will receive email updates from Preply regarding the status of your application.

Do you need any certification to become a tutor on the platform?

Interestingly, the answer is no. You are not required to be a certified teacher to work with Preply. Whether you have an unbridled fervor for teaching the English language to employees or you just happen to have an opulent experience in business, you are welcome to apply.

What are the factors that can affect your application’s approval?

When your application gets denied the first time, there is no reason to feel down and discouraged. You can always give it another shot. Besides, it really does not mean that the Preply team turns blind eye to your capabilities as a teacher. Usually, your profile gets turned down simply because your photo or video does not comply with the given requirements. In that case, you just need to retake and reupload it.

As a tip, make sure to put a lot of thought into your application before submitting it. Do abide by the recommendations laid down. Keep in mind that Preply is very particular when it comes to information because they want to rally only the best and the brightest to join their team. That means wrong or misleading details might slow down the entire application process.

How can Preply Enterprise help you get teaching opportunities?

The way Preply works for teachers is very simple. Preply makes your profile visible in the search results whenever students look for a course. Your ranking in the search results page is highly dependent on a few things: availability, rating, quality of profile, and response time.

However, Preply Enterprise is a little bit different. In this program, tutors are meticulously selected by the Preply management team to ensure top-notch teaching. Hence, if you want to give English training for corporate employees, the best way to get such a gig is to have a proven track record of caliber teaching.


Now, there is a bevy of things you can do to get chosen as a Preply Enterprise tutor. Here are a few pieces of advice you can follow:

Stay committed

One of the many things that make Preply undeniably amazing is the fact that it allows you to work on your own time. You can choose your availability depending on your preference. Nevertheless, it still entails you having sheer discipline and undeterred focus. If you desire to work for only a few hours a week, then devote those hours solely to teaching. Also, allow some time to prepare your lesson plan. Avoid shirking responsibility and doing unnecessary activities; turn up the real essence of dedication.

Make it worthwhile for students.

Remember that your students’ evaluation of you as a tutor matters a lot to Preply. This is precisely why you need to give it your all when teaching. Each one of them needs to feel that they are getting what they paid for. Otherwise, they will just leave the platform unsatisfied and disappointed. This is especially true if your clients come from top organizations across the globe. This gives a bad reputation not just to you, but to the entire Preply team as well. Obviously, this only lowers the odds of your being selected for Preply Enterprise.

Know the nooks and crannies of Business English.

It is not necessary for you to be a corporate employee in order to achieve success in teaching English for business. Yet it pays to have a strong grasp of how things operate in the corporate world. After all, the learners are adults who have very specific learning needs like writing correspondence and presenting a pitch. Gear up on such skills and step into the character! Without doing so, you basically lack one valuable ticket to Preply’s prestigious program.

If you think you are ready to give corporate English training online, then what are you waiting for? Now’s the chance to make the landscape of trade and commerce better than ever. Apply at Preply and showcase your teaching capabilities!