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A Guide To Domain Name Flipping

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Domain name flipping much like house flipping, it’s easy to get it horribly wrong, but when you get it right, it seems like the easiest money you’ve ever made.

However, domain flipping is considered contentious and volatile due to it being a high reward, high-risk strategy. Your odds of doing well, however, are much improved with learning, experimenting and acquiring knowledge – lots of it!

Let’s look at what’s involved with domain flipping.

The process entails buying a domain name at a low cost and then reselling it at a substantially higher price. This, in theory, sounds relatively easy, but in reality, it might take months or even years of holding domains before you sell them.

In this domain flipping guide, we cover types of domains, and how to do a flip in five steps.

Types of Domain Names That Are Best for Flipping

Even though there is no universal formula that guarantees successful domain flipping, there are certain types of domain names that tend to be more popular, so they’re easy to sell.

New domain names

Although this might sound hard to believe, you can actually take advantage of a new service or product and snatch a domain before anyone else does, then sell it for a very reasonable price.

Local domain names (such as those ending with .de or .UK)

It’s not just .com extensions that sell, local domain names are also great for flipping. People are always looking for sites that are targeting their countries, and these domain names are quite specific.

Short domain names

As you might already know, the rule of thumb is that shorter domain names are more valuable. The reason for this is that they’re easier to pronounce, type, and remember, and that’s why they’re in demand.

However, it should be noted that shorter domains are usually more expensive, so if your budget is tight, maybe you should stay away from them.

Expired domains

These are domains that are currently not used by their owners. These domains are usually cheaper than other types of domains, but they also already have some PA or DA.

Another positive about expired domains is that they come with some organic traffic, which makes them an absolute favorite among domainers. If you choose to make a real go of domain flipping, you can call yourself a ‘domainer’.

How to Flip a Domain in 5 Steps

These 5 steps will help you flip your first domain name successfully:

Look for a Domain

Of course, to sell a domain name, you first need to find one that is worth buying. Ideally, the domain should come at a low price and have the potential to be sold for much more later on.

Start your search by heading over to a marketplace or directory to see what’s selling at the moment, as well as what has been sold recently. Then, use those sites to look for expired domains.

Of course, the process of finding a good domain name might take some time. You will need to put some effort into research, which means it may take you days until you find a domain name that’s worth buying.

Evaluate the Domain Name

Found a domain name you like? If it’s available to buy, perfect! Now you need to evaluate the domain and see if it is worth buying. Here’s a checklist that will help you determine your domain’s value:

  • Keywords – Domains that contain commonly used keywords have an added value
  • Length – We already mentioned this: the shorter the domain, the greater the value
  • Extensions – Domain names that end with .com tend to be more valuable than others
  • Brandability – Brandable domains are unique and easy to remember, and hence, they carry more value

Register Your Domain

If your evaluation has confirmed that the domain name is valuable, you can proceed with registration.

The domain registration process is usually relatively fast and straightforward. Start by finding a trustworthy domain registrar. Then, after your domain name is registered, you can park it and earn some extra cash while you’re waiting for the right buyer, or begin looking for a buyer and sell your domain name as soon as possible.

Find a Buyer

When looking for a buyer, you’ll need to find somebody willing to pay you more for the domain name that you did. Let’s take a look at your options:

Reach out to buyers directly

For instance, if you’re selling a domain name related to food, you could try reaching restaurant owners. You can also use directories like YellowPages to narrow down your search and contact potential buyers.

List your domain name on a marketplace

Most domain flippers choose this option. Check out the marketplace’s fees and policies beforehand to make sure there aren’t any details that might make things complicated.

Contact page

Create a landing page to let everyone know that you are selling, making sure to include your contact info. This route might take a bit longer than you would like, but it is an excellent option for those that don’t want to face their buyers head-on.

Sell Your Domain Name

When it comes to selling your domain, you can do it using a domain registrar or, if you want an extra level of security, you could use an escrow service. Once the domain is sold, you will need to transfer the domain ownership to your buyer, and you’re done!

Final Words

Domain flipping can be a very lucrative business, but if you are just starting out, be sure to take it slowly. Start small, with a limited budget, and sell a couple of domains to see how it goes. If all goes well, you should be able to make a reliable stream of income from it in no time.

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