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Digital Marketing Strategies Leading The Charge In 2020

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Technology drives marketing, and some strategies are still proving popular even though there are newer, more technically advanced options available. All businesses are driven by the consumer, and meeting their needs, in a timely fashion. The approach to advertising and marketing is continually evolving, now it’s more online than offline. Also, what’s important is to spend most of your investment in proven strategies but leave some funds for the newer approaches.

No company is using exactly the same strategies all of the time. However, most will use a handful of initiatives most of the time, so what are the digital marketing strategies making the most impact in 2020?. Digital marketing has now surpassed traditional marketing including TV, and print. The proven channels for targeting customers and broadening reach to include friends, family and associates of your network include social media and email marketing.

Email Marketing

Essentially digital marketing is the iteration of door-to-door sales. The power is back in the hands of businesses through targeted campaigns using customer data to match campaigns with the expectations and needs of consumers. First, you need to collect the customer data, including understanding their location, contact details, and preferences, do this via email list sign up initiatives like a discount on the first online purchase.

With your email, marketing campaigns avoid spamming customers with countless ridiculous emails that have little to no depth or relevance. Less is more, your email marketing should return a high ROI and ultimately be your ‘best bang for a buck’ driving up your website traffic and increasing online sales.

Social Media

Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful digital marketing tool, especially now in 2020, when the world has more or less gone into compulsory lockdown to deal with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

While social media marketing has been popular before the pandemic, of course, with the whole world staying indoors as much as possible social media marketing has become a goldmine for businesses and even entire industries around the globe.

Social media marketing puts the power back in the hands of both businesses and customers, and that is its power. Social media marketing is well and truly here, and it is here to stay.

Content Marketing

Online businesses know all too well the value of having meaningful content. Whether it is through the professional assistance of an SEO company or through learning the ropes oneself and figuring it all out from there, the point is that content marketing plays a massive role in the longevity and success of businesses today, regardless of the industry that said companies to operate under the umbrella of.

Content marketing is all about providing customers with genuinely useful content that is of high quality. In doing so correctly and well, businesses can increase their Google searches and their overall presence online – a mark of success that is more priceless than it has ever been before.

Hesk has tips on WordPress SEO which are useful insofar as the best platform for a blog is WordPress. For example, for SEO, WordPress has friendly URL structures and other built-in SEO features. Plus there are hundreds of plugins to improve everything you do, for example, a broken link checker and social sharing. Managing a website, so it’s SEO takes time, so its good to use plugins and then use an SEO expert to help you with the rest, so your site ranks well in search engines.

Other Strategies

Some of the other strategies used by successful businesses to reach more customers include:

  • Local search marketing
  • Social media influencers
  • Video marketing on Youtube
  • Podcasting
  • PPC

Also posting in discussion forums and message boards, and there is also mobile marketing too. Depending on your target demographic, all these strategies work. With measurement and research, your business can spend the lions share of its marketing budget on proven strategies like email and content marketing while testing new ground in other channels like video and using influencers.

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