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3 Ways to Promote a Positive and Creative Workplace Environment

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Every year, businesses across the globe collectively lose a whopping $7 trillion.

Why? Employees are disengaged at work.

As a business owner or workplace manager, this stat is enough to keep you awake at night. If your workers could just each up their productivity by 5 per cent, there’ll be a significant improvement in the company’s bottom line.

Unfortunately, getting your employees to increase their productivity is easier said than done. The good news is it’s not impossible.

There are several significant steps you can take, with your staff on an individual basis and collectively including building a positive and creative workplace.

Continue reading to learn how you can create an office atmosphere that fires up your employees every day.

Work on the Built Environment

In a CareerBuilder study, 53 per cent of surveyed workers said a cold environment isn’t good for their productivity. While your staff are less likely to nod off in a colder office make sure your office has a temperature gauge and indoors is in the range of 22°C (71.6F).

Open office layouts reduce employee productivity by 15 per cent and their overall wellness by 32 per cent.

Do you need any more stats to realize that your built office environment has a big influence on your workers’ productivity?

If you want to see a big jump in work output, focus on the temperature and redesigning your office space. If you’ve always had an open-plan office, now is the best time to introduce a closed layout.

And no, this doesn’t mean giving everyone their own cubicle. Creating closed spaces that accommodate a small number of workers is enough to increase privacy and productivity.

Is the office environment too cold or too hot? This is a clear sign you haven’t invested in air conditioning. We all want to work in an office that’s spacious and feels airy.

Natural lighting is another essential aspect to consider. If your building doesn’t have large windows letting in lots of natural light, a building remodel is long overdue.

Making changes to your office’s built environment can be cost-intensive, but if you’re looking for big, positive changes in the workplace environment, you have to do it.

Upgrade Your Technology

Have you ever unboxed a brand new Apple laptop and felt a wave of creative ideas sweep through your body? That’s the power of modern technology.

This brings us to the question: when did you last upgrade your company’s computer technology? Are employees still using old-school desktops that labor through everyday tasks?

Upgrading your tech literally gives your employees an energy boost. They’ll look forward to coming back to work every day and using the latest tech to do their best.

In fact, modern tech can make an otherwise traditional workplace feel like a new-age startup environment.

Team Structure Counts

Who reports to who or who instructs who shouldn’t have a bearing on the workplace environment, right?


The team structure has a big influence on your office environment. When there’s a specific structure, the place will like organized. But when no one knows what the chain of command is, there will create absolute chaos.

Take time to organize and structure your teams accordingly. Use this design team structure as a template to set up yours.

 You Can Create a Positive and Creative Workplace Environment

There’s a lot that goes into creating a positive and creative workplace environment, but these are the most considerable elements you need to get right. Always remember to gather your employees’ views because, ultimately, you want to build a place they’ll love.

Keep reading our blog for more workplace tips and insight including how to get more productivity from your remote workers. Interestingly since the pandemic lockdown, many workers have said their productivity has increased due to less workplace distractions.