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Latest Content Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

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Great content is more than just a couple of successful social media posts. Every year brings an increased demand for unique content that stands out from the sea of unoriginality. One core reason to focus on adding high-quality content to your site regularly is Google loves it. Sites that want to rank high in search results will also love to do what Google says is important.

There are things you can do to improve your content strategy without hiring any additional pair of hands.

This article will cover some of the major trends and offer tips to help you plan your content that pushes the boundaries.

Take a unique approach

Use your multiple channels and integrate them with each other to offer a seamless and positive experience for users. Using your omnichannel potential essentially means offering a smooth ride whether a user is browsing via desktop or mobile.

One of the best examples is booking a trip with Disney. You can plan an entire trip with the My Disney Experience tool. Plan your activities from dining to arranging your FastPass for park rides.

In 2019, experts suggested that content marketing needs to work more closely with other types of marketing to enrich the customer experience.

Expand your mindset and create content that lives beyond social media, especially regarding the obvious categories of brand support.

Be original in an increasingly crowded environment

Content marketing trends have dramatically changed. Companies looked for ways for their content to stand out among a sea of competitors.

I believe the biggest focus at Content Marketing World this year was that companies can act as a differentiating factor for their brand

Moon observed changes at Content Marketing World, one of the biggest gatherings of content marketing gurus globally.

Hot tips to help your content stand out

Let’s cover some of the more practical tips in creating a hot content strategy for your brand.

Write blog posts

Blog posts are still a major player in every content strategy. Your content strategy will certainly stand out and attract more visitors by using effective tips and tricks for writing your blog posts. Use your CRM to get more views and conversions from your blog content.

Publish a lot of videos

Videos are a big hit in today’s world. More immersive and interactive than static images provide a more detailed story about a brand message and meaning. Just don’t forget to add those subtitles.

Create podcasts

Podcasts are a great way of reaching higher income audiences. Their growing popularity and audience of higher-income families provide several reasons to include podcasts in your content strategy.

Recent studies found that:

  • 40% of Americans have listened to a podcast at least once.
  • 56% of the people that are actively listening to podcasts are men.
  • 45% of podcast listeners have a household income of over $70,000 a year.

Continue promoting your content through SEO

SEO is still a priority because your content has to be seen to be proven effective.

Focusing only on keywords is not enough to get your content to the first page of Google search results.

Additionally, keyword-based topics are not enough. Try incorporating content around topic clusters.

Topic clusters are a collection of content that supports a theme and internally links to itself.

Balance your approach between trends

Successful marketers and content writers understand the importance of picking trends like the ones above from evergreen strategies such as pushing content for a target audience or making well-written quality content.

Adjusting to trends is a vital part of any business wishing to compete in the current marketplace. Balancing is important because once a trend becomes a norm, it often switches direction or wears off completely. As always, every marketer should prepare for trends to sway in another direction, vanish or adjust.

The only constant term you can expect with each year that passes is change. When planning content around today’s trends, ask yourself: What would happen if any of these trends start becoming disliked halfway through the year? Would your content retain its value, or might these changes render it obsolete?

To Conclude

The trends covered in this article are just the tip of the iceberg for any successful content marketing strategist. While it’s important to invest in current content trends, marketers must continue to build a solid foundation of fresh content aimed at their desired audiences.