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Paul Rodliff Nominated For This Year’s Florida Charity Award

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Paul Rodliff Vero Beach Florida, the well-known management pundit of the area, has been nominated to receive this year’s Florida Charity Award. Rodliff’s nomination for the stellar award comes in the wake of his long-standing dedication to serving those of his fellow Floridians. The latter need a steady hand up.

As a business leader in the community, Paul Rodliff Vero Beach Florida, acknowledges his social responsibility to contribute to the building of an empowered population, where no one goes hungry or without hope of a better future, for the lack of resources. His ethos of caring is mirrored by his regular contributions to multiple charity organizations, and his hands-on volunteer work at the community’s food bank.

The Census Bureau revealed as recent as 2017 close to 3 million people in the State of Florida, were living in poverty. This is not surprising, as approximately 14 per cent of the state’s population live on incomes that placed them below the poverty line.

Melissa Radey, a professor at Florida State University, believes that poverty might be more profound than the figures show. Radey, who specializes in poverty research, indicated that a family who is revealed as above the poverty line, are not necessarily able to make ends meet.”

Citing additional indicators for poverty that might be overlooked in a comprehensive poverty report, Radey said, “We have rising health-care costs, rising housing costs.”

Highlighting another demographic at risk of sinking into the poverty chasm, Radey further indicated that, “there was a slight increase of the poverty rate for single mothers, from 2016 to 2017. That group, she said, is approximately four times more likely than other groupings, to exist in a state of poverty than married couples with children.

It is against this backdrop of economic desperation in some quarters, that Rodliff, and others like him, are working with charity organizations, and giving of their personal time to assist in alleviating the sometimes dire circumstances of poor families and individuals in the state.

And beyond his clear-cut humanitarian work, Rodliff is also fighting off poverty in Florida by making his business expertise easily accessible to start-ups and small operations. The charitable management Maven has built a reputation for placing the building of human capital before profit. This is seen in his low-cost management advice and systems, offered to small business owners that are struggling to keep their businesses alive and viable.

In a recent interview on Idea Mensch, Paul Rodliff shared some snippets of his private life, many of them, revealing the essence of the man behind the successful management consultant and community activist. At one point, he showed his typical day begins with early morning exercises. “The most important part of my routine in the morning exercises, without them I would not be productive,” he shared.

The impetus for Paul Rodliff’s professional and charity work comes from two of his core beliefs for success, which he revealed to Idea Mensch: “Goal setting. That simple habit can help anyone achieve success in their lives. Simply set a goal and take the necessary steps to achieve said goal, and you will find that you are a thousand times more productive than you would be otherwise. He added that it is straightforward to say one is setting achievable goals, such as, “I will make a million dollars this year”, but without the proper planning and consistency, the goal will never materialize.

His second belief is as insightful as the first: “Failure is essential to success. Every success is born from multiple failures.”

Rodliff’s wife and three children all stand firmly behind his community work and the honor of his nomination for the meritorious award. Winning the Florida Charity Award, will place Paul Rodliff Vero Beach among the ranks of prominent fellow Floridians, who have contributed to Florida’s burgeoning, through the years.