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4 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating in the Workplace

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How do you know your workforce is healthy?  Just look at their productivity.  There is a lot to worry about in the workplace post-pandemic, including the quality of the air, cleanliness of workstations, kitchens, bathrooms, and your staff’s general well-being.  A healthy workforce has energy and optimum productivity.

There is a saying: we are what we eat, yet many people overlook the impact eating habits can have on their cognitive functions, mood, and concentration.

So should companies delve deep into their workers eating habits?  However, you can encourage healthy eating by sharing knowledge of the correlation between food, energy, and mental capacity.

Of course, you will have no influence over your staff when they are remote working, but that’s just half the workweek on average, so when they’re in the workplace, your business can make a difference.

Here are a few simple ways you could encourage healthy eating in the workplace.

Use Snack Services

Providing healthy snacks doesn’t need to be challenging. There are plenty of snack services providers, and you can choose what you want and set your schedule for top-ups. In time you’ll learn what snacks are most popular and save money with bulk orders.

However, remember to help them make the right choices as not all snacks are created equal. Some may look healthy but be full of sugar and salt.

Do research to identify healthy snacks like dried fruits, nuts, and low-calorie options.

Providing the food is just one step what’s important is your workers do eat. Food is fuel, so it’s a worthwhile investment to make sure your team is getting the right fuel to feed their brains so they can focus on their tasks without distraction.

Encourage Taking a Break

Institute a company culture in your business where your employees feel free to enjoy a full lunch break and time away from the office and their screens. This will encourage healthy eating habits and reduce stress as well. Ensure that they don’t eat at their desk and consider giving flexible break hours to get out and stretch their legs.

A lunch hour should be long enough to let them go out and enjoy a healthy meal if they want to. Enjoying fresh air will also leave them invigorated for the second half of the day.

Part of the Company Culture

If you want your employees to truly dedicate themselves to healthy eating, it must be part of your company’s mission and put it down in writing.

Make sure that your commitment to healthy eating and overall health is part of the staff handbook. You should also make it clear to your staff that your mission will translate into actual policy. For example, let them know that healthy eating options will be subsidized or completely free of charge. Also, make sure that you consider adopting a corporate food plan if you have a cafeteria.


Lead by example and share with your workers the changes you’ve made to your diet and what you can do now that wasn’t possible on the old diet.

Investing in whole foods options for snacks is a great way to show your staff what it means to have healthy and happy workers in the workplace.

Remember, real change takes a step at a time. First, your workers will need to form new habits, and on average, it takes 66 days so use this time to get the lasting result your business desires for a happier and healthier workplace.

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