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How Using a Network Discovery Tool Protects Your Business

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If you don’t have a network discovery tool yet, getting one should be a very good idea. The use of a network discovery tool helps you find and manage all of the devices within your office space. This enables you to track after your entire IT environment and make sure that no security vulnerabilities exist in your network. Here’s how using a network discovery tool can protect your business.

1. Stops Threats at The Beginning Before They Attack

Of course, network discovery tools are initially meant to identify the devices on a certain network, but most of them do much more than that. For example, they can identify threats in certain devices within the network. While you may argue that this is the job of an antivirus, the network discovery tool allows itself access to the complete network and identifies threats when they appear first, allowing the IT manager to kill any malicious behavior in the system. This protects personal data and keeps confidential information private and secured.

2. It Prevents Employees from Making Cybersecurity Mistakes

Network discovery tools do not just work on a collective group of computers, but also computers on an individual level. This allows for security to be enhanced on the level of the individual. Getting your employees to comply with cybersecurity regulations is easier said than done.


With a network discovery tool that allows you to oversee your entire IT environment, you can make sure that no employee accidently allows sophisticated hackers from breaching into the network by phishing, sending trojan horses, keylogging and more. A network discovery tool is a useful way to bolster corporate security by allowing it to trace and inform the employee at the slightest pretext of a possible security breach.

3. It Sets Guidelines for The System

Regulation is an important part of all businesses. Regulation allows for a systematic method of things and helps create uniformity. Setting guidelines for the system is an important part of regulating the security aspect of a company. It allows for better efficiency which is key to the success of the entire organization. Guidelines also allow employees to be better equipped with the correct procedures to handle assignments and avoid human errors.

4. Quickly Discovers Security Breaches

When dealing with cybersecurity, time is of the essence. Identifying and notifying the user about anomalies on the network is crucial. If you think that discovering a security breach is a matter of minutes, or even hours, think again. Take a look at one of the findings in this data-breach report made by IBM and Ponemon Institute:


So best case scenario – one of your employees makes a human error, and it takes you “only” 162 days to find out that you’ve been hacked. The first step to preventing this delayed response is using a network discovery tool which alerts you in real time when a data breach occurs. The quick discovery of faults in the system allows for the prevention of greater and further damage. It also helps for better understanding of issues that pose a harm to the system and gives the necessary information for proper rectification for recurring errors.

5. Simplifies the Segmentation of Your Network

Of course, this is an obvious inclusion in the list of benefits provided by a network discovery tool. Segmentation is important for all organizations, whether big or small. It allows a company to separate various units of work. A network discovery tool is extremely useful in helping the segmentation to take place. It allows for joint, systematic units to be formed, while allowing separate units to be connected for different reasons. This builds a true network.

Ready to hook up your network discovery tool?

Network discovery tools come with their unique benefits. They provide useful support to the functioning and efficiency of your firm while helping you look after other matters with greater ease. It identifies and connects devices on a specific network, while allowing the easy facilitation of a range of activities that secure your network. Many people tend to think twice before embarking upon a business investment, but when it comes to network discovery tools, it’s a n brainer.