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How Pay Per Click Services Can Pay Off Big for Startups

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You found that perfect big idea, you pursued funding, and you’re building your dream company. Congratulations! Now how do you make the company profitable?

Marketing is an essential part of any business’s success, but the key is finding the right strategies. One of the most steady and successful marketing strategies for startups is pay per click advertising.

Of course, for your PPC ads to work, you need to do them right. A startup that doesn’t have PPC experts on staff may not be in the cards. In these cases, pay per click services is the next step.

What Are Pay Per Click Services?

In a nutshell, pay per click services involves hiring a professional to manage your PPC campaigns. A PPC company will handle each stage of the process to make your ads profitable.

Why Are Pay Per Click Services So Helpful for Startups?

PPC ads are known for their steady ROI: an average of 100%-130%. To hit that target, though, you need a number of factors to be in place.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the crux of any strong PPC campaign. You need to know which keywords to target so you can stay toward the top of the pack every time.

A PPC company can do this research for you. They’ll find out which keywords are popular among your customers, how much competition each keyword carries, and more. They can also find the perfect keywords for each landing page you want to emphasize on your website.

On top of choosing targeted keywords, a good PPC campaign needs to select the right negative keywords. For example, let’s say you’re a tailoring company. You may want to pop up for “suit fitting” and “fitting” but not for “pipe fitting.” You’d want to include “pipe fitting” as a negative keyword, so your ad doesn’t appear for those irrelevant searches.

Well-Crafted Ads

Some business owners think there’s no design involved in their PPC ads because the ads are text alone. You might not need graphic design, but writing the ad’s content plays a crucial role in its success.

You want the ad to be relevant to the user and to speak to their concerns. You want it to portray how helpful the landing page will be if they click. At the same time, the content needs to be brief. A PPC company can strike that perfect balance

Ongoing Evaluation

PPC ads aren’t something you can create once and let them run their course. The best keywords to target will change regularly, and so will your competition. The way search engines interpret and display them can change as well.

For a successful PPC campaign, you need to stay on top of your ads. You should monitor their performance, know how to interpret the data, and adjust them as necessary. While few startups have the time and expertise to do this well, pay per click services can handle it for you.

Building Your Business with Pay Per Click Ads

PPC ads are one of the most popular ad strategies today, and for a good reason. The problem, though, is that to perform to their potential, they need more specialized knowledge and focus than most people realize. That’s why pay per click services can take them off your hands.

For more tips about building momentum for your business, check out our marketing blog.

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