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Simple Ways To Boost Employee Morale In The Workplace

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Office morale is an extremely important part of an office’s overall function but is often neglected.  The feelings and emotions of employees can often go unnoticed, and it can be easy for employees to be left with feelings of sadness, resentment, and dissatisfaction.  Paying extra attention to your employees moods can make all the difference in your office’s overall vibe. Here are a few simple ways to boost employee morale in your office and make your employees excited to come to work!

Incorporate Physical Activity Into Work

Physical exercise has been proven to be a natural mood booster. During exercise endorphins are released that trigger feelings of euphoria in the body.

It is recommended that the average person gets 30 minutes of exercise each day, so incorporating that into your employees’ daily work routines can be extremely beneficial.

One way you can do this is by holding “walking meetings.”  Rather than having a meeting in a cramped conference room, consider taking your meeting outside by taking a brisk walk around the block.  Successful entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson is a big advocate of walking and stand up meetings, and he frequently makes it a point to hold meetings on foot.

You can also try adding fun equipment to your office, like exercise balls or miniature trampolines, so that employees can take a break from sitting at their desks and get their blood pumping.

Keep Healthy Snacks Around The Office

Believe it or not, keeping snacks for work around the office can actually boost your employees’ productivity, as food fuels the brain and can boost energy levels.  Being hungry and lethargic at work is something that should be avoided in order to achieve maximum productivity, so providing your employees with healthy snack options is crucial.  Things like nuts, granola bars, or baked chips are all great options for snacking. You can also go the extra mile and host special food events for your office, such as a catered lunch or a potluck dinner.  Everyone loves free food, so making sure your employees are well-nourished is key to the overall mood of your office.

Offer Unique Benefits

Aside from vacation time and health insurance, many employers are now offering additional benefits to employees, such as offering remote days, where employees have the option to work from home or at a coworking space on certain days.  Many employers have also started offering “unlimited vacations”, which allows employees to take as much vacation time as they need as long as they meet any deadlines or goals before they leave.  Not only does this boost morale amongst employees, but it can also motivate them to be productive and get their work done in a timely manner. You can also consider offering unlimited maternal and paternal leave, as long as employees are meeting their expectations beforehand.  Offering unique benefits is a great way to make sure your employees are happy and satisfied at work, and you will see a positive effect in your office’s overall function.

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