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How to Hold onto Your Best Talent

business teams

business teams

What is a business without its employees? No matter whether you run a small coffee shop, a financial services business, or a legal firm, you need to prioritise holding onto your best talent. If you lose one of your best employees to the competition, you are going to severely weaken your position while enhancing your competitor’s, not to mention the costs you will incur through the hiring process. So, with that being said, read on to discover the many different ways that you can boost your employee retention rates.

Give them opportunities to advance their skills

One of the main reasons why employees end up moving on is because they feel like they do not have any opportunities for progression in their current role. Basically, they are in a dead-end job! Offering your employees training opportunities can make a huge difference. There are lots of online courses such as those offered by JCU Online, meaning employees can advance their skills without there being a significant disruption to your business. Not only will this help to keep your employees happy, but your business will benefit from a more skilled workforce too, which means improved quality and productivity.

Be more flexible

A lot of employees have expressed that they would prefer to have flexible working conditions. After all, with life being so demanding, sticking to stringent working hours can be very difficult for a lot of staff members. If your employee has children, for example, why not allow them to work around this? Would it matter if your employee started work an hour or two earlier so they could leave earlier to pick up their child from school? If not, then why not allow it? It will make a huge difference to your employee, and something like this is a perk that they will not want to let go of easily.

Your members of staff must feel appreciated, recognised and rewarded

Simple recognition can go a long way. Just saying ‘thank you’ can make a difference to the way your employees feel when they are at work. You can also give gifts, bonuses, and monetary awards too. Retaining staff through justified raises, which are tied to achievement and accomplishments, is an effective approach. After all, when people feel like their hard work is recognised and appreciated, they are going to be more likely to continue to work hard. Why would they want to go anywhere else?

Embrace staff parties and team bonding activities

Another way to boost your employee retention levels is to recognise their hard work with parties and team bonding activities. Of course, this does not mean that you need to hold a party every week! But, it’s not hard to see how excited people get when the Christmas party gets closer. By hosting such events and putting a lot of effort into them, your workforce will feel appreciated and this is bound to have a positive impact on staff retention.

Speak to your workforce about what matters to them

Do you already offer employee benefits? Great, but are they really that beneficial? When providing employee benefits, you need to make sure you choose them with care. If you have a lot of parents at your business, something family related may be more suitable, for example, life or health insurance, or childcare vouchers. If you have a lot of young people working for your company, maybe a gym membership would be better suited to them. The whole point of having employee benefits in place is to make your job vacancies and positions more tempting for staff. While a free gym membership may appeal to some workers, it won’t appeal to everyone, so you do need to think carefully about the benefits you offer. The best thing to do is simply talk to your staff. Explain that while you cannot please everyone, you want to make sure employee benefits are serving their purpose, i.e. being beneficial! Ask them to provide you with a list of the employee benefits that would best suit them in order of importance. This can then help you to determine what sort of benefits are going to be best for holding onto your corporate talent.

Never threaten an employee’s income or job, no matter the circumstances

Once you do this, you will struggle to win that employee back. From the moment their job or income is threatened, they feel a lack of security, and this will result in them looking elsewhere for a new job. Even if you know that layoffs are definitely going to happen if sales goals or production goals are not met, this is not information that you should pass onto your employees. No matter how you phrase it, it is going to make them nervous. Plus, if that person isn’t going to be laid off, they could end up securing a job elsewhere anyway simply because you have made them anxious about the future.

Make sure your employees have the resources they need

It is also important to make sure that your employees have the resources they need to do the job effectively. A lot of business owners tend to assume that any failures in the work environment are down to their workforce not operating efficiently. However, you need to assess the work systems too. Is there anything about this that is causing the person to fail? It’s not all about talent; your employees need the right tools and training too.

Equal treatment and fairness are imperative when retaining your best talent

You may have one member of staff that outperforms everyone else. Because of this, you may want to give him all of the best clients and the best opportunities. But, when you do this, you alienate the rest of your workforce. It appears as if they are not getting equal treatment and that you do not operate a fair working environment. This will lead to a lot of disgruntled employees. Remember, information does not stay a secret in businesses, and so even if you try to keep your actions quiet, other employees are bound to find out and this will severally impact morale within the workforce. Make sure that everyone gets fair treatment and that your employees feel like they all have equal opportunities.

Create an environment whereby your employees feel like they can talk freely

This is another important step when attempting to boost employee retention levels. You need to create an environment whereby people feel comfortable sharing their ideas and giving feedback. Not only does this make your workforce feel more comfortable, but it helps your business too because it leads to continual improvement. Not only this, but if your employees feel like they are constantly having to bite their tongue, they will feel undervalued in the workplace, which is never a good thing.

Think about the quality of the supervision that is provided

In most cases, employees leave supervisors and managers, as opposed to leaving jobs or companies. It’s not that the supervisor isn’t a nice person; it is that they make an employee feel undervalued or that they do not give the employee what they need to do their job effectively. Some of the common complaints regarding supervision are as follows: not providing a framework within the employee perceives he or she can succeed, failing to hold scheduled meetings, a lack of feedback about performance, a lack of clarity regarding earning potential, and a lack of clarity about expectations.

Provide unique perks

You need to look for ways to provide unique perks that are not offered by other businesses. This could be anything from nap pods to free meals – something that Silicon Valley has become notorious for. Be creative with your perks and you will reap the benefits. Use your connections to get special discounts at certain retailers or free tickets to events, for example.

Create the right culture

Last but not least, creating the right company culture is imperative in terms of retention rates. Locate workers that have a strong connection with your business so that you can generate a workplace that attracts those employees. Your business culture needs to match the kind of individual you want to employ, whether you have a laid-back and casual atmosphere or more of a strict and by-the-book workplace.

So there you have it: some of the best ways to hold onto your top talent and keep your employee retention rates high. From providing training opportunities to giving your employees the gratitude they deserve, there are lots of ways you can build the perfect environment for your workforce so that they will never want to leave.


How to Professionalize Your Business From Top to Bottom

customer service assistant

customer service assistant

You are quite envious of businesses that are well established in their industry. People know and respect their brand because of the decisions they have made over the years. You want your business to follow in the same footsteps, because you are ready to achieve success. You want to improve your business by professionalizing every element from top to bottom.

Whether you’re overhauling your website or taking a second look at your branding ideas, there will always be a way to upgrade your company. Take some of the following notions into account and you will be ready to improve every element of your business for the better.

Communicate Professionally

Many businesses fail miserably because they are unable to communicate professionally with potential employees, clients and external companies they are associated with. If you think your business could improve on this, there are sources that can help you out. Whether you’re trying to draft the perfect job rejection email or understand how to negotiate well with a potential, big investing client, there are certain protocols you can follow.

As soon as your company starts communicating effectively, you will see a noticeable improvement in your sales and the levels of respect that others show to your business.

Employ People With Excellent Customer Service Skills

Your business is going to thrive if you employees are passionate about what they’re doing. There is nothing more off putting than rude and unenthusiastic workers who don’t have the time of day for potential clients.

During the hiring process you need to make sure every potential candidate is fully trained in every aspect of customer service, so that you don’t have to worry about their performance during the working day. You also need to be able to trust they have the business’ best interests at heart.

As long as you trust your employees you will be able to ensure a professional business from top to bottom.

Don’t Make Marketing Mistakes

There have been many high profile marketing errors made by massive companies in the recent years. You don’t want to be involved in this sort of mess that ruins your reputation, so make sure you think carefully about every marketing choice you make during your business career. It’s always best to enlist the help of a marketing expert so that you don’t land yourself in any unnecessary hot water.

Check over the wording and concept of every campaign before you set it free into the world and you will never have anything to worry about.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

If you are obsessed over the quantities associated with your business, you are never going to get as far as you might like to.

Focusing on the quality of your products, the quality of your social media followers and the quality of your returning customers is much more important than any of the quantities. Of course, you want to achieve huge sales and earn a tonne of money, but that’s not always the most important thing in business.

Realign your priorities and you will feel much more fulfilled and professional.

Upscale Your Website

Every super professional business has a wonderful website to go with it. If your customers are greeted with a site full of glitches and errors, they aren’t going to want to part with their hard earned money. Enlist the help of an expert web designer and they will be able to help you create a smooth and slick website to be proud of.

Respond to Queries Quickly

There is nothing more annoying than waiting around for a company to reply to your important and pressing query.

Not only does it make you feel reluctant to spend your money as a customer, but the business owner may come across as rude or ignorant. You need to learn how to reply quickly and appropriately to queries from potential customers, so that you don’t have this effect on the people who are trying to communicate with you.

Obviously, you need to take the time to find the correct response to their question, but you need to prioritize this on a daily basis. If you allow your inbox to pile up, you are going to lose a lot of custom along the way.

So instead of longing for business success, why not do something about it? You don’t have to watch other companies thrive whilst you are sitting on the back burner waiting for great things to happen. Sometimes you have to go above and beyond to attain your goals, so make some much needed changes and enjoy the results as they roll in.

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The Comeback of Books: How to Make Yours Stand Out in 2019


ebookThe innovation of electronic books has changed the reading world. Now that phones, tablets and other portable devices have the option to browse and buy books, bookworms can read anywhere they go. The percentage of adults who read has shown an increase since this convenient technology has blossomed.

Publishing your book as an e-book would be the best way to catch the attention of a reader. With as much time as we spend online and the increase in mobile readers, it is a path to success especially if you self-publish. Self-publishing has led many authors to having a best seller by saving them time and energy.


As the online world continues to open opportunities through innovation of the internet, it is possible for people to learn and do things independently – things that might not have been an option before. Self-publishing is something that has become much easier with the use of the internet.

As an author it can be exhausting finding an agent and a publisher willing to give your book the time of day. Free self-publishing websites now allow self-sustaining authors to upload their stories or non-fiction online to have it published within just a couple of days. The success of it depends on the work put in before, during and after the publishing.


The first part of making sure your book stands out is quite obviously assuring it is well written. Writing a book is way more complicated than just picking up a pencil and letting words flow out. There are techniques and processes that only the most experienced writers have perfected. But what are the chances you could learn from a best seller?

Properly preparing would also include taking classes to learn about the self-publishing process. Websites that offer online courses can be the easiest and cheapest route to getting basic information needed to make your publication’s popularity skyrocket. Veteran self-publishers often check out MasterClass for access to lessons taught by the best in the industry.


This bold move turns an outdated and all too tedious process entirely around 180 degrees. Instead of wasting time finding a publisher, who are notorious for rejecting manuscripts without even looking at them, you can comfortably manage the editing process yourself.

The responsibility to take the steps required for publishing fall on you when you decide to do it yourself. Unlike the standard procedure, there will not be an agent involved to handle the actual process. Following the proper guidelines for self-publishing will put you in the best position to release a best selling book.


Once the book has been published and priced, your job is not over yet. You are responsible for launching the book in a way that will set it up for success. Just releasing the book online will go right under the radar while having launch promotions will make yours stick out. Hold a few days where it is on sale or free and have your team spread the word!

Utilizing supporters and fans of the book, have them write reviews or influence your book. This will help get the word out and give interested buyers a chance to see what others have thought about the book. Social media’s huge impact on marketing can also help with reaching as many readers as possible.

The key to making your book stand out in 2019 is making sure you are in charge of the whole process. Who would work harder than you, the author, at ensuring your work becomes a bestseller? That’s right, no one!

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Get A New Career Without Leaving Your Own

on the job training

on the job trainingThe worry that people have when trying to find a new career, is that they’re going to have to leave their own. The problem with leaving a career that you’ve been so settled in for so long, is that you’re not too sure of what the outside working world is like. Not only that, but you’re risking a lot.

If you’re leaving your current job, you’re most likely going on the hunt for more money or a better working environment. But that’s not to say that the place where you would go to next would be able to offer this for you. Often you will find that a career is fake to begin with.

During the interview process and the first week or so, they will do anything they can do to impress you and make their company stand out, because they believe doing so will bring you into their company.

Once you’re locked in, the true colours start to come out, and you wonder why it was that you ever joined the company in the first place. But enough with that, because you don’t necessarily have to leave the company you’re working for to find a few job, and here’s how!

Train On The Job

The biggest mistake people make is aiming for a role that they’re underqualified for. Because if there’s one thing we all know that a company wants, it’s either experience or education.

Lately you will find that a lot of jobs are demanding both, which can be hard for some people who just can’t afford to drop out entirely and go back to education. But this is where the power of the internet comes in handy.

There are so many online courses that you could take that would boost your knowledge and understanding of the career that you perhaps want to go into, and give you recognised qualifications that would make you more than qualified to apply for the role. One career that’s becoming more popular at the minute is border control, because it’s just such a stable career to have, and it’s well paid.

You can take a border diploma course online that would easily put you into that spectrum of being employable, and will put you a cut above the rest of any applicants.

What’s even better, you’ll have such a good knowledge and understanding of the role and the components to it, you’ll feel more than confident to try and go for the career! The same applies for pretty much any job you can think of out there, there’s always going to be a course that can push you towards it.

Do Your Research

If you’re going to go to a new career eventually, you really need to do your research. This is where we feel a lot of people fail. They’re so desperate to get out of the role they’re in, they jump to another one that is just as bad. So, get to know the line of work that you’re going into to begin with. Know everything that the job is going to demand from you, and figure out whether you would be up for the task.

You’re going to have to be hard working as it is to cope with training in a new job, but can you handle all of the tasks that come with it? You then need to find out what it’s actually like to work for the company you’re intending to work for.

You should be able to find plenty of reviews on the internet left by staff, and if not customers.  If you find out what the level of customer service is like from there, at least you have a starting point to go on! But employees reviews are going to be the best time find if you can do.

Don’t Rush Into Anything

This is the important one. As we said, a lot of you might rush to leave the company you’re working for because you think the grass is greener on the other side, but this isn’t always going to be the case.

It might be best for you to try and progress through your own company to a role where you’re in a position of power, so that you don’t feel like you’re being bossed around all of the time.

More responsibility brings more money as well, which is always something good to go by! You have to figure out what is going to be the best decision for you financially, and mentally.

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