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Go Digital Or Go Home: 3 Industries That Are Becoming Quickly Transformed By Digitization

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We’re all conversant with digital technology. We carry it around in our back pockets. We boot it up when we’re at work. We use it to stream hours of entertainment out of thin air in our free time. Digital technologies have become so ubiquitous in our day to day lives that we’ve almost come to take them for granted.

Rarely do we stop to consider the full extent of making our lives easier and more fulfilling. Just think of how many marriages have been saved by digital GPS technology alone! No more fighting over maps on desolate country roads or berating one another for taking wrong turnings.

However, in the world of business, many of us are less than enthusiastic about adopting digital technologies.

Many seasoned entrepreneurs have found working practices and principles that work for them and are dubious about the expense and disruption of integrating digital solutions to their quotidian business problems. But make no mistake, the future is digital! If you work or own a business in any of these industries, digitization may well be sneaking up on you faster than you think.

Your business’ survival may well depend on your ability to stay agile and move with the changing face of 21st-century technologies…


All around the world, healthcare managers are fighting an uphill battle against the inherent demands of the industry. Government spending cutbacks, poor resource allocation, a dearth of new talent (especially in the UK where important nursing bursaries have been abolished), and the inevitable assault course of targets.

Fortunately, the healthcare industry is primed for a digital revolution. How healthcare professionals manage and handle data has massive implications for efficiency and time management.


Both heavy and light manufacture have been reliant on entrenched processes until very recently. Still, the digital revolution has some exciting implications for the manufacturing industry to see a huge productivity boom.

3D printing is one of the most apparent advancements that springs to mind, with the potential for customers to have almost limitless potential for customization and personalization of products by tweaking a digital template. It also allows manufacturers to fully centralize production, giving them greater empowerment and quality control.

As more agile manufacturing methods give end consumers greater customization, faster production and cheaper transportation costs, they’re increasingly likely to vote with their wallet and choose a manufacturer who embraces digital technologies over one who doesn’t.


There was a time when only the big hotel chains and tour operators embraced digital technologies, but now even quaint Mom n Pop bed and breakfasts embrace digitization to facilitate easy and secure transactions and grow their reach.

The hospitality industry has also employed digital means to make their processes more efficient. This means faster check-in, easier and more efficient between businesses and customers and reduced waiting times. Just think how different a movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles would have been in the digital age.

Sure, it would be nowhere near as funny, but the characters would have been a lot happier.


For the last few years, we have seen an entire revolution in how consumers have been making their purchases.

From traditional brick and mortar stores, customers have shifted most of their shopping online. In fact, 2017 was when people spent more shopping online than they spent doing their shopping offline.

For businesses who offer products for sale, this is something which they need to embrace asap. By providing an eCommerce enabled site and, even more importantly, a mobile app or a Progressive Web App which allows their customers to shop from anywhere, businesses will ensure they don’t lose any of this digital business or shift to digital spending.

The great thing is that with evolving technology, getting a custom app developed for your business is not as expensive as it used to be, and you can find great places to hire app developers in this article.

Progressive web apps are even more powerful because they allow customers to browse and use them without even being online, only connecting when they actually need to submit their order. If you still haven’t seized this opportunity, make sure you do not miss this digital transformation and use the latest marketing strategies.