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How to Find (and Keep) the Best Hires

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Competent staff could be said to be the backbone of a business, but how do you find and keep people in your organisation? Staff retention is topic in it’s own right so we’ll give you our thoughts after we focus on how to attract the right staff.

1. Step 1: Finding the Right Applicants

Before publishing your well-crafted ad on Craigslist, take a moment to consider all your options. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with using Craigslist’s classified services, making it your only means of marketing for staff could be a mistake i.e it may limit your pool of quality candidates. Plus your inbox will likely become inundated with emails some from individuals more or less interested, however many emails may just be spam, so you’ll be spending a lot of time filtering your inbox. When you’re looking for the right candidates, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Make your job description very specific. Include your necessary qualifications, daily tasks, and desired skills to ensure your application will be proficient in their role. Also, include a bit about your company culture and the type of employee you’re looking for; it could save you a lot of time in the end by warding off those who aren’t the right fit.
  • Use recruiter services. Employers don’t need to spend a fortune on recruiters; companies such as Indeed offer flexible recruiting options for businesses on any budget. Find a site such as this (as opposed to Craigslist) that allows applicants to search for jobs based on their desired industry, and you’ll be more likely to get candidates with a demonstrated interest in your field.
  • Ask for internal referrals. If you already have an existing staff, or know any reliable (unbiased!) family friends, consider asking for some referrals. Chances are someone might know a job-seeker who’d be great in the role—and will be able to personally vet them, saving you time and stress.
  • Look for job seeker follow ups. Especially when posting your job ad online, be sure to look for candidates who are following up on their applications. The most passionate candidates will email or phone to check on their application status demonstrating genuine interest.

Step 2: Go the extra mile on candidate selection

Take the time to find the right candidate. Remember to:

  • Verify resume. Don’t assume that your candidate is 100% honest on their resume or application. Too many employers fall under the “halo effect” when interviewing a charming, potential hire and assume there’s no need for screening. Without running an employment background check and verifying references, you could be overlooking some potential issues.
  • Look at intangible skills. Don’t weigh your focus too heavily on technical skills or experience; these proficiencies often make up for larger issues regarding an employee’s disposition. Find someone with strong communication, leadership, and work ethic to bring onto your team.

Step 3: Staff Retention

How to keep your best hires happy is a continuous process. You may not need to install nap pods, but startups and big corporations alike are aware of the perks staff need. Strategies vary from business to business, but here are some of the ways to retain your employees:

  • Benefits (insurance, retirement savings, paid time off)
  • Flexibility (the ability to work remotely or take time off when needed)
  • Encouragement (shout outs, recognition, positive feedback)
  • Incentives (bonuses, commissions or awards)
  • Balance (casual wear days, office happy hours, etc.)
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