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6 Tips to Make Business Travel Easier

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Even with the advent of advanced technology like live video chat and video conferencing; business travel is still a huge industry contributing billions of dollars to the global economy annually. There are many things you can do to make business travel much easier and enjoyable, so here are just a few things you can do which will improve your next business trip:

Luggage: Never check in luggage. Use one roller bag that fits in the overhead luggage compartment in the cabin. You’re forced to be more efficient with what you take with you. For example: if you’re the key person heading up the your company’s exhibition stands in Cannes or another location around the world send all the marketing collateral to the site ahead of your trip rather than lugging it all with you. This will free up valuable space in your roller bag and briefcase.

Sleep: one of the worst things about business travel is the lack of sleep and long hours you need to put in, jet lag is often a problem for many business travelers. Take supplements which can help to alleviate jet lag, there are many on the market which can help to remove some of the symptoms. While you are travelling ensure that you get as much sleep as you possibly can.

Dress appropriately: When it comes to business travel, while it is important to look professional it’s also recommended to choose comfortable clothing for the trip. You’ll rest better and also be ready to meet customers as soon as you arrive. As a bonus, it’s thought that passengers who dress well tend to receive special treatment on airlines, like upgrades and that’s never a problem!

Fly direct: a direct flight will not just save you a lot of time but it will allow you to arrive wherever you are going feeling much better than you otherwise would. Argue to whoever is booking your flights for a direct flight, your time is valuable and to make the most of your business trip you should arrive fresh and on the top of your game.

Use a Travel Wallet: when it comes to traveling, it is better to have all the information of your trip in one place and it’s made easier now with smartphone apps for travel including travel wallets. If you’re more ‘old school’ carry all this information on your phone, tablet or computer and print it. This way if your phone runs out of battery or your tablet get lost you’ll be glad you have hard copies.

Drink lots of water: this cannot be stressed enough, when you are travelling it’s easy to drink far too much coffee and alcohol but staying hydrated is extremely important. For you to be able to effectively work as a sales person you need to be well hydrated. Ensure that you are drinking at least 2 liters of water a day and more if you are flying. Being dehydrated will make you tired and will make you less able to think. Plus if you can do it – don’t eat on the plane it will prevent jet lag.

There are many other tips which can help you to improve your business travel, using these tips will help you to win new business and make more money because you will be on better form and more able to do it. Make sure that you are on top form for your next business trip.

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