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6 Tips to Make Business Travel Easier

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Even with the advent of advanced technology like live video chat and video conferencing; business travel is still a huge industry contributing billions of dollars to the global economy annually. There are many things you can do to make business travel much easier and enjoyable, so here are just a few things you can do, which will improve your next business trip:

Travel Documents

All passports expire, so the first tip is to check the expiry date on your passport. Check the passport validity requirements for the country you’re travelling to. For example, travel to the USA requires the passport to be valid for a minimum of six months ‘after’ you return home from your business trip. Passport renewal is easier and quicker now with many providers in different countries offering the service, for example, a same-day passport UK or British application service.


There is no one rule for Business travellers and another for all other travel. Check if you require a visa, there are a lot of countries that exempt short term travel for holidaymakers, but it pays to veer on the side of caution, and not turn up to the airport on the day of travel falsely believing you can complete the paperwork just before hopping on the plane. For example, there is an online exemption form to complete for travel to the USA. You may be wondering if you need a Saudi Arabia visa for business travel? Yes, you do and a lot more including an invitation from the Saudi Arabia Chamber of Commerce or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


If you can avoid it never check-in luggage. Use one roller bag that fits in the overhead luggage compartment in the cabin. Business travellers stay days not weeks, therefore, you can be more efficient with what you take with you. Use the amenities in the hotel to save space and also use same-day laundry services. Remember you’re a business traveller and looking sharp is a necessity.


One of the biggest challenges with business travel is the disruption to sleep and the onset of jet lag. Take supplements to encourage sleep on the plane and thus alleviate jet lag. Magnesium is said to improve sleep.

Travel Attire

Business travellers know how to dress for the journey. While it is important to look professional, comfort is also a prerequisite for rest during the journey. Also, join airline clubs and make use of Airport lounges to eat, drink and freshen up before your business meeting.

Fly Direct

A direct flight will save you a lot of time in the air and transit. Use the time you’ve saved wisely for a nap before your business meeting and a change of attire.

Travel Wallet or Smartphone App

Another time-saving tip is to use a travel wallet, or keep your documents on your smartphone e.g. plane tickets and boarding passes. Smartphone apps for travel are perfect for travel as hotel booking aggregators also have the apps for storing your room bookings, car hire and excursions. If you’re more ‘old school’ or you don’t trust technology print your documents and use a travel wallet. This way if your phone runs out of battery or your tablet get lost you’ll be glad for the hard copies.

Drink Water:

You may not be a huge water drinker but your body will deal with and recover faster when it’s well hydrated. Nothing hydrates quite like water so avoid coffee and alcohol and drink water to stay well hydrated. Ensure that you are drinking at least 2 litres of water a day and more if you are flying.

Being dehydrated will make you tired and will make you less able to think. Plus if you can do it – don’t eat on the plane it will prevent jet lag.


There are many other tips which can help you to improve your business travel, using these tips will help you to win new business and make more money because you will be on better form and more able to do it. Make sure that you are on top form for your next business trip.