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Tips For Running A Successful Auto Repair Business


Are you about to get in the auto repair business and you’ve never run your own business before? If so here are a few tips to get you off to a great start. After you’ve set up your new business by registering your company and getting your business systems including: invoicing, accounting in place we recommend doing your research and spend some time on securing a great deal on high quality auto repair parts. This step is vital so you can build the reputation your business desires.

Your customers won’t know much about auto metal stamping which is explained in wikipedia but they will understand your discerning approach to working with a company like Weiss-Aug who have been in the business of custom automotive metal stamping molding and assembly solutions for over forty years. You’ll be off to a great start leveraging off their reputation and of course there’s a lot more to do before your business is operational including planning for employees and how you’ll manage them. This is where the Internet comes into it’s own just like it does with the other critical areas of your business.

Web based tools can track the productivity and hours worked and more specifically you can use an online time tracking software like Clockspot which is sure to save you a lot of worry and grief. It’s a great way to monitor your employees without them feeling micro-managed.

Now onto some other tips to help you successfully run your auto repair shop.

Strive To Earn A Reputation Built on Trust And Professionalism

Unfortunately, there is a perception that the auto repair industry is full of shady operators with bad reputations. So the question to ask is: Are there mechanics all over the country taking advantage of their unsuspecting customers by overcharging them, putting used parts in cars and passing them off as new ones, and other nasty tricks that give this industry a negative reputation? A quick Google search would suggest there are enough bad operators out there tainting the reputation of the industry so it’s time for you to change this perception, at least on a personal level – i.e. for your business. You may need to go above and beyond to ensure your customers have the best experience possible.

There is a huge opportunity for your business to be successful once you’ve overcome any initial customer hesitation to trust and respect you.

Work Smarter So Your Customers Come Back For More

Working hard and smart is a prerequisite for any business especially a start up. Work on your customer care and reward them for their patronage with incentives and rewards. Customer advocacy and relationship management is not just for the professional services it also applies to cottage industry businesses so do everything in your power to again the loyalty of your customers.

The great thing about pleasing your customers is their repeat business. Cars need regular servicing and maintenance and your business can secure repat business from a growing customer base now they know you’re running a professional and reputable operation. More business will come your way through referrals than advertising.

Become A Specialist

Great ethics and treating your customers like gold isn’t even enough to become a success. You have to specialize in a certain area to set yourself apart from other auto repair shops in your community. So pick a specialization and run with it. This will set you apart from the competition and provide your business with authoritative expert status.

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