Setting Up on Your Own – Thing to Do to Get Started in Hairdressing


Are you ready to take the plunge and open up your own hairdressing business? Before you do, it’s worthwhile doing a little research into the business side of things including setting goals before you get started.

Setting up any business takes a lot of hard work, time and stress. However, you can minimise the stress by making sure you’re adequately prepared with the right business goals use these tips on goal setting . Here in this article, you’ll discover some of the main facets of running a business and what you need to consider and organise before you establish your hairdressing business.

Creating a business plan

It’s definitely worth creating a good business plan. This enables you to get the finance you may need to get started, as well as giving you an idea of what needs to be done. If you are looking to get a loan, a business plan is essential as investors and loan companies need to see you have a plan and the potential profits you expect to make.

Business plans can be pretty tough to create, but there are plenty of great tools and information online that can help.

Assessing your finances

The amount of money you’ll need to set up your business will depend upon whether you’re planning to be based in a salon, or whether you’re doing it as a mobile business.

With a salon, you’re going to have a lot more overheads including the cost of buying or renting premises, insurance, licenses if you plan on offering beauty therapies too, staff expenses and the cost of utilities. If you’re planning on becoming a mobile hairdresser, you’ll have the cost of a reliable car and travel expenses to think about, but no real overheads.

One thing you’ll need, regardless of where you are based, is high quality equipment including clippers and trimmers. This is one area you really don’t want to scape on. So, make sure you choose an excellent supplier such as Capital Hair & Beauty, they have been supplying hairdressing tools and equipment since 1954.

Be aware of legislation

Like many types of businesses, hairdressing has a few regulations that need to be followed. Failing to be aware of the legislation could land you in pretty serious trouble and potentially cost you your business.

For hair dyes and chemicals for example, you’ll need to ensure the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations are followed. All electrical equipment will also need to be checked over by an electrician frequently.

Overall, there’s more to setting up a hairdressing business than you might think. The above are just some of the considerations to take into account. So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to do your research, set your goals and be sure you understand the business side of running a hairdressing company.

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