5 Great Packing Tips For Your Business That Can Help When Moving


When you are moving your business, one of the biggest challenges will undoubtedly be packing up all the furniture and items that you want to take with you to your new location. Although at first you may think that you can just get some boxes and pack them in, you’ll soon find that it is a lot more involved than that.

As you start to pack your items, here are a few tips that could go a long way towards ensuring that they are well-packed and protected:

1. Pack your office kitchen dishes vertically and use packing paper and bubble wrap to protect them

Rather than placing dishes horizontally in a box, place them vertically on their side instead and fill up any space with packing paper and bubble wrap. In some cases you may want to cover the sides and the top with a layer of bubble wrap then fill up spaces with packing paper – but the important thing is that you make sure there is as little ‘movement’ as possible in the box.

2. Use sandwich bags to pack small parts separately

While boxes are great for the majority of your packing, throwing a ton of small items into a box is definitely going to get them all mixed up and in some cases may even damage them. Instead of that, keep some sandwich bags handy that you can use to pack and categorize small items such as pens, pads, rulers, staplers, screws, remote controls, mounts, and so on.

3. Take photos of anything that needs to be reassembled

When you move odds are you’ll have to disassemble several items, such as the wiring for your computers, monitors or theater. To make it easier for you to reassemble them later on, snap a photo before you disassemble them so that you have a reference that you can use.

4. Use saran wrap to stop bottles from leaking

If you’re packing any bottles that could potentially leak (e.g. office cleaning products) then you can use saran wrap to avoid that. All you need to do is unscrew the top and place a layer of saran wrap over the opening then screw it back on, as that will effectively seal it and help to avoid unnecessary spills.

5. Color code boxes to organize them

It goes without saying that you’ll want to organize the boxes that you pack by room and category – however the most effective way of doing so is by color coding them. By taping pieces of colored paper to boxes according to their category, you will be able to identify what goes where at a glance – rather than having to keep trying to read labels.

Make no mistake, packing and moving your business isn’t easy – particularly if you’re relocating from a large location and have lots of items. If you find that it is too much for you to handle you should think about enlisting the services of a removal company like interstate removals Sydney early on. Although it will mean some additional cost, it is certainly worthwhile as it will make moving a lot easier.

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