Does Your Mobile Marketing Suck?

mobileThe thing about mobile marketing is that it’s different from most other types of promotional work. That’s because the things you do will help your brand reach out direct to people’s handheld devices – in particular, the ones they use all the time like their smartphones.

You might not realize it, but there’s an array of mobile marketing options out there that you could utilize to grow your business. In fact, some of them are so innovative, you would be crazy not to implement them as part of your mobile marketing strategies! In today’s blog post, I will share with you some ideas on how you can reach out better to your target audience with the power of mobile marketing:

Convert your website into a mobile-friendly online destination

Have you ever tried looking at your site on a smartphone or tablet? If so, and it resembles a jumbled mess of HTML, you need to dedicate some time to making it mobile-friendly. For a start, you should apply a responsive design style across the entire site. Doing so means your website will work well on devices with small or large screens.

Next, you will need to turn your attention to on and off-site search engine optimization. Did you know that Google My Business profiles can help your customers find you when they’re out and about? It’s worth hiring an expert provider of SEO services to find out what you need to improve.

Create a mobile app

Now that you’ve improved your website and made it easier for your customers to find you on and offline, the next step is to develop an iOS and Android app. Why do that, you might be wondering? Well, a mobile app lets you deliver the latest news, promotions, and brand information to your target audience.

Mobile apps can even offer customers the ability to purchase goods and services via their mobile devices, without the need to open up a browser window.

Offer mobile payment options

It’s no secret that many smartphone and tablet users pay for things using a virtual wallet. These days, one can just use their mobile device to purchase items in-store, via an app, or even on a website!

If you sell online, you need to offer your customers the option to pay with their mobile devices. For instance, Apple Pay is an innovative way for iPhone owners to pay for virtually anything without needing to enter any card numbers.

Embrace the power of SMS marketing

With many people using smartphones these days, you may be wondering how to reach out to customers that don’t own such devices. The good news is that SMS marketing enables you to promote your brand to people with even the most basic of mobile phones!

All mobile phones allow users to send and receive text messages, and so you can use that medium to target a niche audience. It’s also a brilliant way of reaching out to existing customers too.

You could incorporate a short URL link for people to check out online at a later time, or even a telephone number to generate fresh sales leads.

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