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6 Ways to Stay Up to Date with Financial Markets

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Businesses must stay current with financial markets to mitigate risk, leverage opportunities, and gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Individuals also benefit from staying informed. Financial awareness is empowering and can help you spot potential investment opportunities.

Many online sources are available to keep up with the latest financial news and global events that impact financial markets. The following experts will also give you a lowdown on investments, stock movements, and digital currencies.

However, today, not all financial market news is real. We are living in the age of fake news and misinformation. You’ll be surprised where it turns up—even on reputable sites! AI makes it harder to separate what’s real from what’s fake, so it’s vital to choose sources that provide relevant and reliable information.

Financial Market Updates – News You Can Trust

For financial and investment-related information, be more discerning about which sites and people you trust so you can make sound business decisions.

1. Follow Market Experts

There are many types of financial experts and many ways to follow them. First, consider the various kinds of experts you can follow to get their opinions on what’s happening in financial markets. Create a short list of sites and experts, and then do your due diligence—dig deeper—to see if they are real or AI fakes!


Ensure you have a couple of Economists on your list of financial market experts. They analyze economic and financial market factors to provide insights into the economy’s health and potential risks and opportunities.

It’s vital to choose economists who specialize in your region and globally, as the current economic situation in the USA can impact other countries like Australia and the UK.

Did you know Investopia’s top ten influential economists include a couple alive today? One on their list is Nouriel Roubini, who accurately predicted the 2008 financial crisis. Today, Nouriel writes for the Project Syndicate and can be followed on X (formerly Twitter).

Financial Journalists

Financial reporters cover the latest updates and developments in the financial sector, offering insights into market movements and their underlying causes. For example, Clark Howard is mentioned on news sites like Yahoo Finance and social media.

Investment Commentators and Advisors

You’ll find investment commentators on blogs and forums. Sign up for their blog or follow them on the discussion forum. Expect to be surprised with where the most accurate commentary comes from.

A regular forum user passionate about financial markets often unearths information that is more accurate than what you get from top-rated sites. For example, real estate investors like Jeffa follow what’s happening in financial markets. Their insights may be easier to follow than those of economic experts.

2. 24/7 Updates from Online News Sites

The world is changing all of the time. And with that change comes news updates that seem to be coming from every direction.

One of the best ways to keep up-to-date with worldwide news is to check some of the top news sites continuously.

You can have your pick. CNN is constantly updating, NBC has tons of updates, and the New York Times? You won’t miss a thing.

A good idea is to test out a couple of online sites to determine which ones you want to be your primary sources of information. Just be aware that some news sites can be biased, so be sure you get the full story before making significant investment decisions. If it is the best app for economic news you’re looking for – Investopedia says the top financial news sites include:

  • Bloomberg
  • MarketWatch
  • Barron’s App
  • The Wall Street Journal

Plus, you won’t go wrong signing onto The Financial Times or looking at Investopedia’s own Economic News, which is satisfactory but not as up-to-date as the other economic news sites mentioned.

Investing apps also have news, so you may wish to download apps that provide financial information and allow you to invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, or NFTs. StockTwits or Reddit are good choices, too.

3. Use an RSS (Rich Summary Site) Reader

This is a good option for anyone who likes to have their news customized to their liking in one place. RSS readers (which you can download online) take RSS feeds from online news sites and organize them in one handy place.

You can search “RSS” in Google with the name of your news site or search directly on the site itself. Then, you can copy one of these links (or lots of them!) into your RSS reader.

And there you go! Never again will you have to read the news you would rather not see.

4. Sign Up for Google Alerts

As we all know, Google is the master of the universe. It has everything and anything you could ever need. But did you know that Google also can send you alerts on any content within a specific subject?

You can tell Google to send you updates on a subject with Google Alerts. For example, suppose you’re interested in the current state of the stock market. In that case, Google can send you a daily summary of the articles, videos, photos, etc., posted about that.

Thanks, Google!

5. Use Online Sites That Bring All of Your News Together

Whether it is Google News, Apple News, or another site, a news aggregator is probably the best choice for news snippets on the same platform.

These sites also have different news categories, feeding snippets and links from many news sources tucked into one handy app or site. You’ll be able to choose precisely what kind of categories/sources you want to hear from, making news aggregators incredibly customizable.

6. Sign Up for Some Podcasts

You may have heard some people saying podcasts are dead, but that’s not true. Listening to podcasts is still a fantastic way to do everything, from hearing the latest news to learning a new skill. If you’re a Spotify user, a whole app section is dedicated to podcasts. Check out what financial market news sites are best for you!

Listening to podcasts is a great way to stay informed, and many financial journalists provide them. Most news sites also have their own podcasts.

Summing Up

As an investor or businessperson, you must keep up with the latest news to make intelligent investment decisions. By incorporating these strategies into your routine, you can stay informed about financial markets and make effective decisions to grow your business.

Take some of the tips from above, see which one works for you, and get informed!