Staying Competitive: Handy Tech For Handymen

handymenThere is no industry that has not felt the revolutionary touch of technology. It’s not just the tech helping renovators, plumbers and electricians do their physical jobs that matter. Tech is making it easier for tradespeople of all kinds to manage every single aspect of their job much easier. Here, we’ll look at some of the easy ways you could be revolutionizing your business.

Managing your schedule

Tradespeople can have some fairly hectic schedules. Your day is full of appointments being made, reminders that need to be remembered and management to be done. It’s easy to drop the ball if you’re not careful. Well, now you don’t have to be. There are all kinds of time-saving, note-taking apps you can use. With to-do lists and time management apps, you should never lose track of a task again.

Giving more trustworthy quotes

Gaining trust as a contractor can be difficult. If someone has never heard of you before, they can be skeptical of just about anything you tell them. Especially when it comes to money. Now, however, you can make sure you’re giving them more accurate estimates than ever. You can even show them the math of how you got those estimates using apps like EasyPricePro.

Addressing the new age of payment

Making your business easier to use from the angle of the paying customer is always a good idea. Nowadays, one of the ways you can do that is by assuming they don’t always want to pay physically. You’re wasting time if you have to leave and come back when they have cash ready. Instead, you should consider getting things like a small business app that allows you to take card payments. All you need is your phone.

Getting paperless

There are a lot of details that need to be taken down during a job. Measurements, specifications, materials you’re going to need. Dealing with it all manually makes for a lot of paper. Not only do those costs add up over time, but they take space and effort. Instead, there are apps like Handy Man DIY which help you keep track of all the details in easy to manage and easy to read formats. Now your phone will be one of the most useful tools for the job.

Live support

Every time you miss someone visiting your site or you miss a call, you’re missing a lead opportunity. If your people are able to reach you immediately through the site, then you have a lot more chance of being able to keep their business. To that end, make sure that your site supports live chat. But make sure you go for a live chat app that is able to connect to your device.

Managing all your duties and keeping on track of your contracts. Create an environment that’s much more customer friendly. Even helping you replace some of the tools you normally use for the job. Digital tech is here to help contractors in all kinds of way. All you have to do is be willing to use it.

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