Choosing the Right Business Internet Plan

internet_cableA data connection is an essential part of the business that contributes to a large portion of your company’s expenses. You might think that getting the lowest speed for the lowest price might actually save you money, but this is not always the case. A slow internet connection often results in slower loading time of websites, slower upload and download speed of files, and an extremely unreliable network. Your employees could lose almost 5% of their time waiting for the pages to load. This could amount to almost 100 hours in a year, imagine losing all of this valuable hours that could have been spent on other tasks.

As you are in the field of business, time is very essential because it, more often than not, means money. Time wasted by your employees is money wasted by your company. Depending on your situation, choosing a higher speed internet might save you a lot of money, at the same time gives you an efficient and reliable way to communicate inside the company and among you, your employees, and your customers. At the end of the day, considering what internet plan you get for your company is a crucial decision that could potentially increase productivity and income when done right.

In choosing a good business internet plan, always remember that it should always depend on what kind of business you are in. There are usually four different kinds of business internet plans offered by telecommunication companies, which includes.

1.  ADSL2+

This type of business internet plan is generally used by small to medium-sized business that does light to medium internet usage, such as sharing documents, replying to emails, and internet calls. This internet plan also allows the business to have relatively fast and reliable communication with your clients and customers.

2.  Fiber

This connection is the most common type used by medium-sized businesses. It guarantees a stable and fast connection speed. It is required if the company does a lot of teleconferencing within and outside of the company. It usually has the same upload and download speed, resulting to a clear connection even when used for video conferencing.

3. National Broadband Network

Compared to other business internet plans, the NBN uses fiber optic cables instead of copper wires, thus is able to generate much higher connection speed. It is fairly new in the market and is expected to be the future of business internet. With current speed of about 100Mbsp and an expected future speed of 1Gbps, this type of business internet could handle even the neediest of companies. With this connection you could do speedy backups, large file transfers, or even host multiple websites.

4. Wireless Ethernet

This business internet plan is the most convenient among these plans as it gives you the flexibility of being able to bring the connection everywhere. This is essential when your business relies on field because it allows you to work outside the office premises. With this internet plan, you would be able to reply to emails and send important documents on the go.

Understanding your business well will help you find the perfect internet connection that can perform all of the daily workloads of your company efficiently and effectively. Determining the importance of a high speed internet connection is the first step towards a successful business. Find the perfect business internet plan that can help you achieve your business’ goals.

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