Making a difference before its too late…

manI had the most amazing thing happen a few days ago. I opened my local paper and found a half page advertorial entitled “Making a Difference Before its to Late”. It was penned by a person guy named Glenn and really made me sit up and think.

The text ran something like this…

“This morning I started having some more thoughts as I have been separated for a very short time now, I haven’t been the best or the greatest husband and father to my family. I am truly sorry. The reason for this article being in the public domain is to enlighten and possibly trigger some thoughts with others who maybe considering separating or leaving their family.

I now realise that the importance of family isn’t about working all those hours for financial reward. Its vital to not miss those special events because I had something else to do. It is so important to go along to the school play, take your wife out on a date, take the children to the beach, or kick a soccer ball or rugby ball around the back yard.

Like the saying goes THE BEST THING YOU CAN SPEND ON YOUR FAMILY IS TIME. It is so PRECIOUS. I have come to realise this the hard way.

I now have a huge appreciation for them and for who they are. I LOVE MY FAMILY with the core of my being and understand now what the word LOVE is really about.

I didn’t give enough of my time or show them enough affection, instead I was focused on getting us to a better level, by neglecting the most important thing in my life, THE FAMILY.

Kisses, hugs, notes to all family members, flowers and small presents shows a partner and family how you love them also.

Be open and honest about how you really feel, write it down in really big letters so they see it – IT’S A WHOLE LOT EASIER TO WORK IT OUT BEFORE IT BECOMES A SEPARATION.

Look at what you really need from each other and work on that, make lists do whatever it takes, even if it means asking for help.

I really implore you to be courageous, be bold and have the guts to take the first step.

There is no point in holding a grudge, that won’t get you to a good place, trust me I know. It may seem a big thing to do, well from my perspective it’s a small thing in the big scheme of life.

A phrase I read somewhere was, “If you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence then start watering yours”.

I hope this message makes a difference to someone out there.”

After reading this, I was prompted to contact Glen and we chatted about his situation. I agree totally with his hearts cry and the old saying the goes “how many people on their deathbed said ‘I wish I had spent more time at the office!’”

I encourage you today to take a leaf out of Glen’s book and concentrate on the things that are actually important in life. Remember to invest in these and true happiness can only follow.

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