Green incentives

hummingbirdThere are many innovative approaches that both big and small business can use in order to make the most of all the great incentives that the government is offering for greener businesses.

Due to the threat of global warming the government is doing everything that it can in an attempt to reduce the country’s enormous carbon footprint. The government’s attempts are on both small and large scales.

They are encouraging new drivers to drive in a more eco-friendly manner, they are offering individual home owners tax cuts for greener homes that have better insulation and even pays them to sell energy generated by their solar panels back to the grid.

  • Currently the governments Warmfront scheme offers certain lower income households up to £6,000 pounds to improve insulation. This scheme is specially encouraged for homeowners who do not have central heating
  • The green deal is another, much more recent plan that allows businesses and homeowners to be supported by not having to pay upfront for services that increase the efficiency rating of their home/office/factory.
  • The government is also offering grants of up to £5,000 for buying electric vehicles to be used for business purposes.
  • Finally the main thing that business need to focus on is that they work with a reliable and informed company that can help them in every way. Companies like Dulas can install commercial solar panels.

These are the most popular methods currently used by companies and businesses in an attempt to cut costs and do their bit for the environment, and the government needs to keep adding to the list of incentives to ensure that companies keep changing towards a greener future.