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The 10 Worst Mistakes Businesses make with their Websites – Oh My!

Business owners need to make sure that their website represents the business in the best possible way.

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Business owners need to make sure that their website represents the business in the best possible way. Your website is an extension of your business and is normally the first contact prospects have with you. Therefore its vital to get it right. This post highlights the 10 most common mistakes I have seen on a regular basis.

1. Not having a website

A business can be forgiven for not (yet) having a social networking presence but not having a website in this connected age is just plain dumb. Most people who have access to the Internet will use it to search for products and services more than flipping through a directory book.

2. Having a 1980’s style website

Bell bottoms always come back into fashion but not old website designs. A lot of people judge a business by their website. If your website looks out of date then maybe your service is as well?

3. Having poor navigation

If your website requires someone with a PHD in web design to find what they need then its game over for you. On average a person gives up on a poorly designed site in a matter of seconds. There are just too many options out there to waste time.

4. Having huge graphics and animation

There are a growing number of people who surf the Internet using their smart phones so sucking up their entire monthly data bill to view your home page will not generate any warm feelings towards your brand.

5. Auto-play video and music

No! No way! Never! Unless its directly related to your industry do not auto-play video or music to your videos. This must be the ultimate in retro as most of the time the choice in music would only make grandma “jiggle it”.

6. Overuse of different colors and fonts

Your site should not be an electronic version of a Christmas tree. Stick to a maximum of 3-4 fonts and colors. Clean, simple and efficient – look at

7. Popup forms

Don’t force people to subscribe to your newsletter by showing a popup form as soon as the person lands on your site. Its spammy and makes a professional business look desperate.

8. Getting ripped off by web developers

When you seek quotes for the development of your business website do some research first on how much it should cost on average. I have been in numerous “version 2” projects where a businesses website had to be redone because the first version was a failure. 9 out of 10 times version 1 also cost them over a 1000 times more than what they should have paid for in the first place.

9. Trying to be smart with your design

Websites which leave people wondering what the hell its about will not win you any customers. Make sure your site is easy to understand and provides the information your visitors want – fast. Leave the confusing designs and “metaphors” to design people who like to impress each other.

10. Not providing your business contact details or trading hours

Huh? Yes – even today businesses are making it really hard for you to contact them.

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