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Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names

Domain names are a valuable asset to a business and in some cases be worth more that the actual business itself! Below is a list of the 10 most expensive domain names when sold (USD).

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Domain names can be a valuable asset to the business and, in some cases, value up more than the actual business itself!

Do you know which is the most valuable domain name? Hint: Business. No, not businessblogs 🙂 – but According to fortunly is worth $345 million (USD).

The second most expensive domain name is not one word but two, so that will surprise you. is worth a whopping $90 million.

However, Godaddy says there is another domain that tops by a long way. is valued at $872 million (USD), and it makes you wonder what other domains are equally worth a lot more than what’s found on them in the public domain. While we’re not aware of the exact list of top 10 domains, you can locate various resources that cover the topic.

Beware that just like with our own online searches, the information can vary a lot so be sure to include more than one source in your findings. Plus, in much the same real estate, businesses and other assets go up and down in value, so too do domain names.

There are so many options for extensions, yet .com remains the most sort after and, therefore, most value.

Domain Value Checker

If you’re keen to know what your domain name is worth, you can use free domain name checkers; however, it’s unlikely that you’ll get an accurate assessment of your domain name’s value. Why? Well, there is a lot more to must assessing traffic, domain authority and the like. For example, your domain name will be more valuable to your competitors, and they will pay more for it.

Dreamhost says your domain is your digital real estate and its make up determines its attractiveness on the open market – i.e. excluding your competitors. The length of the domain, i.e. the number of characters, plus how easy it is to remember and find it in search. Then there are the more complex equations used for domain name value assessment like:

Top-Level Domain (TLD)
Second Level Domain (SLD)

There are times when your business will need extra funding for investment in new products or services or for market expansion. The value of your domain may help secure the funds, or if you’re selling up, it will increase the cost of buying the business.

For a more accurate assessment of your domain name value, start by researching the recent sales of similar domains. Then if you need a verified assessment get an assessor on your case.

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