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Move Forward By Going Back To Basics

The information age is incredible in the sense that we have a free education available to us at all times, almost anywhere in the world. However, while educating yourself can be as simple as pulling your phone out of your pocket, the internet is also saturated with nonsense. We hear the term ‘fake news’ popping up more and more, we have heard people say that those who don’t listen to the media are uninformed and those who do listen to the media are ill-informed, and all too often we confuse factoids and facts.

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The information age is incredible because we can access free education online from almost anywhere in the world. However, while educating yourself can be as simple as pulling your phone out of your pocket, the internet also leads you astray as it’s also saturated with nonsense and misinformation.

We hear the term ‘fake news’ popping up more and more. There is no shame if you’ve fallen for it – as there was a time when you could believe what you read online.
Now it is easy to confuse facts with factoids. Clever presentation of sites, images, graphs, and videos can catch us out. You may also have heard this saying:

Those who don’t listen to the media are uninformed, and those who do listen to the press are ill-informed.

Sadly both are true, and with so much information, how can you tell fact from factoid?

Back To Basics

That is why it can be incredibly beneficial to steer clear of so-called emerging trends, new buzzwords, and untried strategies and just go back to basics instead.

Perfecting the basics can be as effective as anything else in business, and it can allow you to build a suitable platform or foundation from which you can grow and scale. Also, take a different perspective on certain things and tweak how you use your resources.

These are the sort of things we are talking about:

Know Your Customers

So many companies and business leaders focus on how they can improve their products or service by thinking they know everything. Instead, just take the time to ask customers for their opinion and then put their feedback to good use.

Repeat customers are keeping you in business – they’re helping you thrive in the good times and ride out the bad, so reach out to them to learn how to improve what you do so they continue to buy from you.

Also, don’t believe that asking for feedback will make you look amateur. Do as the successful do, and the top brands ask for feedback on your experiences with their business. We all want to know our custom is valued by the companies we buy from – however, don’t expect ‘all’ customers to respond every time you create a survey.

The reality is getting a 30% response rate from a customer survey is good and above 50% is excellent.

Know How To Market

A million different strategies operate under the guise of a million other acronyms, so much so that it can be hard to keep up or know how to best use each one. The good news is – that you can focus on a handful of proven marketing strategies to get most of what you need – a healthy ROI for your marketing dollar!

So, instead of spreading yourself thin in terms of knowledge, resource and budget, focus on the core strategies you know work for your chosen audience.

The go-to marketing strategies include:

  • PPC advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging – content marketing
  • Social Media posts and advertising
  • Mobile marketing
  • Video marketing

If you are not confident in these strategies, though then outsource your marketing needs to an external provider like a marketer or digital advertising agency.

Know Your Team

Did you know you can get a lot more done when you delegate to your team? Step away from the computer and the endless stream of forums you are reading, and just ask your team what they think. These guys and girls work in the trenches. They all have their own interests and their own opinions and combined they will be more valuable than just yours.

So ask them about ways in which they believe productivity and efficiency can be improved.

See what ideas get thrown back your way. Chances are the majority of your workforce are Millennials, and they have a vested interest in their performance and the performance of their team.

This could be a new marketing strategy, a new way of holding internal meetings, or a new promotion that will see you bring in new business.

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