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8 Surprising Reasons Your Business Should Buy a Small Aircraft

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What if the answer to all your business problems was up in the sky?

No, we’re not talking about turning to a higher power. Instead, we’re talking about getting your own airplane!

It’s easy to think only the largest companies need their own planes. However, there are several surprising reasons why every business should buy a small aircraft.

Wondering why your company needs to go “sky high?” Keep reading to learn the answer!

1. The Need for Speed

Want to know why many of the ultra-rich buy their own aircraft? It’s simple: even for the very wealthy, time is the one thing they cannot buy more of.

That’s a lesson that extends to your own business. A large part of your continued success involves making it to meetings around the country (and possibly the world) in a timely manner.

With your own small airplane, you can make it to the meetings in a flash. And a major reason this saves your time is that you can avoid all the drama of a traditional airport.

2. Avoid Airport Woes

Do you like to fly? Most people love visiting exotic destinations, but they hate the whole process of going to the airport.

And why wouldn’t they? It takes a huge amount of time: arriving 2 hours early, getting screened by TSA, and chasing your luggage down after you arrive all eat into your day, as do annoying layovers.

With your own business jet, you can avoid all of that. No waiting, no screening…you get on the plane and start flying towards your destination.

In fact, one of the few downsides to using a small aircraft is that you’ll never want to fly commercially ever again!

3. Productivity Power

Everyone likes to avoid waiting and to save time. But this is especially important for you and your business.

This is because saving time is the key to boosting productivity. The less time your employees spend jumping through hoops at the airport, the more time they can spend getting important work done.

And that productivity applies to the flight itself. Your employees aren’t stuck in cramped aisles with a bunch of strangers. Instead, they have room to spread out and make themselves at home.

Every manager knows that making the workplace more comfortable helps make employees more productive. And this is your key to making the sky your very own productive workspace.

4. Go Anywhere

Another way that traditional flights waste your time is that their destinations are limited. If you are heading to a remote or rural area, you cannot fly straight there. Instead, you must fly to the closest commercial airport, rent a car, and then spend the day driving out there.

With small airplanes, you are not limited to commercial airports. You can fly to just about any airport. And most rural and remote areas still have a small airport for private planes that you can take advantage of.

The success of your business means embracing a global economy. If you cannot go wherever your business takes you, then you risk losing out on some important business.

5. Employee Retention

Employee retention is one of the most important secrets to your business success. You are only as good as your best employee, so it’s important to keep those good employees around!

How do you keep good employees? The trick involves everything from creating a fun work environment to providing unique opportunities.

With your own small airplane, you can mix business and pleasure whenever you want. You can schedule meetings or attend conventions in exotic locations, making global travel one perk of working for your business.

In this way, buying a small aircraft is about more than saving time and becoming more efficient. It’s about investing in the happiness of your employees.

6. Tax Boost

We’re all familiar with the old saw that “time is money.” And an airplane saves your money by saving your business time.

However, an airplane can save you money in the more traditional sense. For example, there are several tax benefits to owning an airplane.

If you buy the plane before 2023, you can write the whole purchase off as an expense. That can help defray the cost of purchase, and in the long-term, a plane may pay for itself vs. constantly buying your employees commercial tickets.

To fully understand the value and tax benefits of an airplane, make sure you are fully aware of how airplane depreciation works.

7. Solid Impression

Perception is everything in the world of business. You need to have more than great products and great customer service to impress your customers: you also need to bring some “razzle-dazzle.”

And that’s exactly what having your own small airplane means. To this day, planes are associated with luxury and wealth, and having such a status symbol is a great way to impress.

Small airplanes are also a functional aspect of customer relations. If you need to meet with an important client who lives far away, you can hop right in your plane and start heading their way!

8. A Family Affair

The one downside to frequent travel is leaving your family behind. As fun as it can be to visit exotic locations, many of us wish we could be enjoying this experience in the company of our family.

However, with your own business jet, that’s exactly what you can do!

There is typically space for you and employees to bring a spouse or even a pet. And that’s something that they just can’t do on a commercial flight.

Reasons to Buy a Small Aircraft: The Bottom Line

Now you know why your business needs a small aircraft. But do you know how else to help grow that business?

Here at BusinessBlogs, we are devoted to your success and growth. To see how we can help transform your company into a thought leader, check out our management articles today!