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What Is a One Point Lesson? Learn How It Can Help Your Business Succeed

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In 2017, US companies spent more than $90 billion on employee training. Business owners are more interested than ever in helping employees develop.

This has led to significant interest in new ways to help employees learn, even while they’re on the job. Some employers have been using apps to deliver bite-sized lessons to their employees.

One method you may have overlooked is the one point lesson. This tried and true classic is more important than ever in a busy work environment. New technology is also helping it evolve for the 21st-century workforce.

Defining a One Point Lesson

Before we begin, you’re probably wondering what a one point lesson even is.

It’s all in the name. It’s a short lesson that covers exactly one point. Most one point lesson templates suggest using a mix of words and visuals. A good breakdown is usually 20 percent words and 80 percent images.

A one point lesson is typically one sheet of paper. It should take you no more than 15 minutes to write. The point is that it’s quick and easy for your employees to understand.

Using OPLs

Now that we’ve gone over OPL meaning, it’s time to explore how you can use them in your business.

OPLs were used in industrial settings to help employees understand common tasks. In fact, many manufacturers still make use of OPLs today.

A typical one point lesson template might show an employee how to change a machine’s air filter. Another might show how to lubricate the machine.

Today, OPLs are much more versatile. As employers embrace microlearning, OPLs are being adopted in many businesses.

Think about an app that delivers a quick, 5- or 10-minute lesson. It could instruct employees about how to use new computer software or how to conduct payroll. A one point English lesson teaches one point about English grammar.

An OPL can be used to teach almost anything.

OPLs for the 21st Century

As we mentioned, one point lessons are usually a single sheet of paper with drawings and some text. Today, technology is reinventing the OPL.

We’ve already talked a little about apps, which can deliver one point style lessons through a mix of visuals, text, and sound. Animations, quizzes, and more can be used.

You can even create a one point lesson using video. This short video could combine visuals, audio, and even text to help employees with a task. Videos are easier to create than ever before.

Benefits of OPLs

Why would you use one point lessons in your business? There are several benefits to consider.

First of all, they help your employees do their jobs. They provide quick instruction on routine tasks. They’re also short and simple, which helps employees get back to work sooner.

This means your employees can increase their productivity. It also makes it easy to learn a new skill or task.

It can also reduce employees’ need to rely on others. They can become self-starters with OPLs. Finally, it also means help is always near at hand.

Building a Better Training Program

The versatile one point lesson is a training option you should make ample use of. Both your employees and your business can benefit from it.

Looking for more great advice about employee training and development? Have a look around the blog. We have tons of tips to help you create a better training program for your business.

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