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How to Sell on Amazon FBA: A Guide to Maximize Your Product’s Distribution

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If you want to start a new business or up your existing business’ product distribution, Amazon is a great tool. Learn how to sell on Amazon FBA here!

Hoping to sell online and earn while at home?

If you do, your best bet is to use Amazon as your platform. It’s one of the biggest online stores in the world. This giant e-commerce company made over $59.2 billion in this quarter alone, an impressive feat for something that started off as an online bookshop.

With their popularity and accessibility, it is a good idea to open up a seller account if you want to find success in distributing your product. However, a problem occurs when the customer interested in your product lives abroad. How will you be sure that your product reaches them without a problem?

A simple solution is Amazon FBA. So, how to sell on Amazon FBA, you ask?

Learn how to use Amazon FBA step by step to maximize your product distribution with the guide we have below.

What is Amazon FBA?

Before anything else, you should find out what Amazon FBA is.

In 2006, Amazon launched a fulfillment network called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to help businesses get their products across to people in different countries.

With its help, a business owner from California can accept an order from someone in Italy. Despite the distance between them, the product still arrives within 2 business days.

You can do this with the help of fulfilment centers scattered across the globe. You choose what to sell on Amazon FBA. They will handle the delivery, customer service, and returns that concern your product abroad for you.

No need to worry about funds when you’re using FBA services. You only need to pay for the storage space your product will take up. The fee also includes the cost of shipping.

With that out of the way, here’s how you can use Amazon FBA.

Create a Seller Account

First off, you need to create a seller account on Amazon. This will let Amazon know you’re interested in using their platform to sell your products.

There are 2 kinds of seller accounts you can make. There’s professional, and there’s individual.

Professional accounts are the ones who plan to sell up to 40 items of their product per month. If you see yourself selling less than that, you should choose an individual account.

After you’ve filled in the necessary info and verified your e-mail address, you now have your own seller account. You should now focus on listing your products.

Listing a product lets Amazon know you’re willing to sell it.

The process of the listing should be comfortable and straightforward enough for you to understand. After you’ve done that, you can now convert your products into FBA products. To do this, you must first set a shipping plan for your items.

You will see that you’ll have a choice of 2 packaging options. Individual and case-packed products. You’ll likely choose the individual option, case-packed is often used for bulk packaging of the same product. Take them to your local UPS to have them shipped afterwards.

Note that the process removes your item from the website for a short while.

While alarming, it is only removed until a fulfilment center receives it.

And that’s it! You’ve availed of the FBA services Amazon has. However, if you want to succeed in selling your products on Amazon, you have to do a few more steps.

Do Research on Your Potential Products

If you have hope to do all the steps listed above, then you should have a product people want to buy. If you already have one, take a good look at it. Does it look like something people would want to buy?

A right way of figuring that out is to conduct some research on your product. What kind of age range does it appeal to? Do you see them wanting to buy it? Will they give positive feedback from your item?

If you answer no to 1 of those questions, then it may be time you change products.

The beauty of Amazon is that a group of people will always be on the lookout for something that interests them. This makes it easy to find a new audience to appeal to what product you wish to sell.

Look around your place to find something you want to sell. If you can’t find anything worth the hassle, then consider looking at products that are selling well at the moment. You may realize that you have something like that product.

You should focus on selling your product to one specific group. Setting up the product to cater to them will make it more likely that they’ll find it through an Amazon product finder.

Pricing Your Product

Often, people choose a price lower than the lowest offer on Amazon. This tends to lead to a series of lower prices that defeat the purpose of selling online.

With FBA, there is a guideline that determines the potential ideal price for an item. Use this as the basis of your pricing. You can decide to drive up the market by pricing your item a little higher than what’s recommended, or you can play it safe and match what the fulfilment center suggests.

Marketing Your Product

Product marketing is one of the 3 most important factors when selling online for good reason. You will want your product to look good if you want to sell.

No one likes to buy something unappealing.

Product marketing also goes beyond the look of your product. It also includes different factors like keywords to increase your products visibility and other factors, like where your product appears when listing it.

You should take these into consideration when listing your product. Come up with different marketing gimmicks for your product too. They will help boost your chances of selling it. People tend to respond in a positive way when sellers get creative.

Learn How to Sell on Amazon FBA Now

Learning how to sell on Amazon FBA should be a breeze once you’ve read this guide. Use these guidelines to maximize your product distribution now!

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