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How Backward Compatibility Can Help Your Business


With technology becoming smarter and more innovative, it’s easy to move forward and never look back, but sometimes, it’s actually necessary to backtrack. That’s where backward compatibility comes into play. Backward compatibility allows technologies to function with previous versions of itself, which means hardware and software products can use the same data and programs regardless of the version. Let’s take a look at three types of technology featuring backward compatibility that can make a huge difference for business professionals.

Microsoft Office

For businesses who use Microsoft Office for reporting, projects and other business-related tasks on a daily basis, it’s important to be able to have access to different versions of the program when necessary. Say for example you encounter an instance where you need to update an important client presentation on a newer computer model that was created with an earlier version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Instead of being completely unable to access the file and having to completely start your project over from scratch, backward compatible computers allow you to run the older version of PowerPoint to access the file and update the file while using the newer version of the program. This means you can open, edit and save using old file formats in newer versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

4G Technology

In addition to computer programs, backward compatibility is also important for businesses who are looking to expand and improve their wireless connectivity. This comes in handy when needing to connect to high-speed 4G networks, and older 2G and 3G networks alike. Perhaps you’re on a business trip and need to send a time-sensitive email but are unable to connect to Wi-Fi. In this case, 2G and 3G networks allow you to use mobile data to access the internet without having to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. Unlike typical laptops, 4G laptops give you the option to switch from older 2G and 3G technology in remote areas to newer 4G technology in areas that offer 4G LTE coverage. This flexibility is crucial for businesses looking to maximize their connectivity inside and outside of the office. This is also ideal for businesses who conduct on-site client work or for employees working remotely or traveling.

Bluetooth 5

Both Apple and Android have released new versions of smartphones and tablets equipped with Bluetooth 5 to deliver the best wireless connectivity possible. Bluetooth 5 increases range, bandwidth, speed and data transfers, which are key is for businesses who aim to boost productivity and connectivity to better serve their clients. The best part is that it is backward compatible with older Bluetooth versions which ensure that existing devices like speakers and headphones will still work with the newer Bluetooth 5 equipped devices. This means that you can take full advantage of the Bluetooth 5 features without having to upgrade or replace your current Bluetooth devices. So not only does your company get to use the newest technology, but it also saves money in the process.

With constantly changing technology, it’s hard to keep your company updated with the latest innovations. Luckily, backward compatibility can help your company stay ahead of the game while still being able to access older versions of programs and networks as needed. These types of technology utilize backward compatibility to help business professionals work more efficiently, boost wireless connectivity and be more productive overall.