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Top reasons to automate your business

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Using automation in your business is a transformation that requires your time, investment, and the buy-in of your staff. However, the challenges of doing it are balanced by the benefits of using business process automation. Do you want to reduce costs and improve efficiencies such as move staff onto higher-value tasks? Then keep reading as we cover the basics of business process automation.

There are many areas of business that can use automation to improve productivity including:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Customer Support
  • Accounting and finance


Marketing and sales teams make use of automation to manage mundane repetitive tasks like data capture, lead generation communication, and follow-ups.

There was a time when businesses needed marketing assistants to do the data entry and businesses were somewhat at the mercy of the humans and their input accuracy. As we know if the data is wrong so too the analysis and the marketing campaigns that use it.

Now the data capture and inputting is automated and accuracy is higher so everything that follows is also more productive. Have people lost jobs due to automation in marketing? Yes, but companies who value their staff do upskill and assign higher value roles to them.

The cost savings from using automation in marketing empowers businesses to reassign budgets to other marketing strategies including:

  • Video production for sites like TikTok
  • Content marketing – using high value blog posts to drive lead generation
  • Using Influencers to drive demand generation

Cloud based workflow automation software is popular with companies keen to improve:

  • Staff communication
  • Productivity
  • Data Security
  • Project collaborations
  • Customer service

Data Security

Priortizing data security assures customers your online systems and processes are preventing hackers accessing their data.

Therefore using automation software with data security measures already in place enables businesses to have confidence that they’re complying with privacy rules and laws like the GDPR. There is therefore no need to worry about human error in seeking customer opt-in as systems capturing customer data seek permission and retain a record of it.

Project Collaborations

Scheduling meetings, and sending out reminder emails and mobile messages automatically keep projects in focus. Staff can work on delivery and leave the administration and communication systems to keep records of progress and completion. No longer do projects need an administrator to record events. All staff can access and update projects and automation will manage the communication.

There are many reasons to forge ahead with automation in your business.


Right now, it’s easier than ever to have at least some functions automated. This is because there is no shortage of resources and personnel to assist you through this process of technology adoption. You don’t have to know anything about a linear actuator for instance to have it made part of your automated process.


It’s imperative to conduct all the operations within a business as seamlessly as possible and to have all the different cogs of the mechanisms come together just right for the company to be productive.

Automation helps a lot with that as it smoothens all involved processes, making it a lot easier to track and supervise processes and operations. Those who choose to automate their business are able to see increased productivity through a far better organization.

Strengthen communication and inter-department relations

Having multiple self-managed departments is that information can be quite unevenly spread and rather scarce in areas where it’s most needed.

Automation allows businesses to have a centralized information distribution which means that all departments are always up to date on everything they need to know. This kind of advantage will help everyone involved with the business to always be aware of everything going on in a day’s work and in a week, month, or year’s worth of business.

The benefit of accountability

Automation makes it easier to keep account of operations, particularly in marketing and sales without worrying about inaccuracies delivering poor outcomes. See this article on how modern workplaces are utilizing automation today.

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