The Entrepreneurs Who Hit the Millionaires List from a Garage


While there are some incredible stories when it comes to how millionaires and billionaires made their fortunes, there are only a few people that have done it from a garage environment, whether theirs or their parents’. If you’re thinking about renting office space for your new venture, why not consider starting in your garage instead?

The millionaires and billionaires below did.

Steve Wozniak – Apple

Although Steve Wozniak isn’t anywhere near as rich as Steve Jobs, even though they started their Apple computer building ventures in Steve Wozniak’s garage together. He is still reported to be worth more than $100 million. His first computer order was for 50 computers at $500 apiece, and the rest is history.

Shockingly, Apple is now worth $1 Trillion, and it’s the first company in the world to reach that value.

Larry Page – Google

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the creators of the Google Search Engine. They started the business in a garage they rented for $1700 a month, and later produced one of the world’s biggest businesses. It took them a year, but eventually, the garage space was too small for their eight employees and they had to rent an office.

Google is now the second highest valued company in the world at more than $500 billion and Larry Page is reportedly worth $44 billion, while Sergey Brin has a net worth of $42 billion. With wealth like that, who cares about the richest celebrities of 2017 – everyone should want to become a Silicon Valley programmer. Not bad for a business that was started in a garage.

Jeff Bezos – Amazon

Jeff believed there was money to be made from the online retail industry, so he got to work in the back of his garage by developing his first piece of software to help him on his way. He thought the books industry was untapped online, and he couldn’t have been any more right. He sold his first book out of his garage, and now Amazon is the biggest online retailer with a reported value of more than $400 billion., Jeff Bezos himself is worth a measly $83.4 billion.

Sam Ovens – Consultation Business

One of the most incredible stories possibly comes from New Zealand, Auckland, where Sam Ovens was born.

Sam was a university dropout who got bored of what he was studying, and he knew there was more to life for him than working for someone else. He started out with a $0 investment, but, incredibly, he started multiple multimillion-dollar businesses from his parents’ garage – which made him $10 million by the time he was 26. He has since gone on to earn more than $100,000 a day and is reportedly worth more than $65 million.

The above wealthy entrepreneurial people may make you think twice about spending thousands of dollars every month on storage or office space you don’t really need.

If these guys can earn millions of dollars from a garage environment, it should give you the inspiration to want to go on and do the same. You could well be the next person that follows suit.

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