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Financial Management Tips For Small Business Owners


One of the most important aspects of running a business, large or small, is ‘number crunching’ also know as finance and accounting and businesses whom invest in an in-house team dedicated to this discipline are more likely to succeed. Robust financial management processes are critical for survival of any business in any industry today. Start-up businesses often attempt to operate with next to no working capital and without it, operations can come to a halt. Budgeting is also another aspect that’s often overlooked by new entities and that’s why eight out of ten businesses go to the wall within the first year.

Business owners can invest in their own financial education and it’s an excellent precautionary tool against bankruptcy. Just look at the bankruptcy timelines in Georgia.  It’s big business for lawyers and the best way to avoid it is to skill up and also hire only the best minds in finance. Outsourcing specialist tasks to achieve improved efficiencies within your company is therefore a justified investment for your business.

For the basics of financial management, search online. Plus following is a brief overview highlighting a few general financial management tips for small business owners.

Always separate personal finances from the business finances

It is a terrible idea to link personal credit cards and bank accounts to the business. Keep them separated. Open up a business account, and carry business specific credit cards for all charges accrued by the organization.

It is also a good idea to open up a savings account for the business. Emergencies always happen at one point or another, and they tend to cost money. Weaving personal finances into the business finances can get quite hairy and should be avoided.

It helps to run a thrifty organization

Running a “lean” organization will pay off when all is said and done. Fixed costs are those expenses that cannot be avoided or acquired at a less expensive price. Focus thrifty efforts around asking the right questions.

For example, some employees could be employed remotely to save on office expenses. Instead of paying for a place to meet up with team members, virtual conference calls over Skype can bring everyone together for a fraction of the cost.

Cloud-based accounting software is well worth the investment

While typical accounting software programs will definitely do the job, cloud-based accounting programs are far more accessible. The convenience of cloud-based access cannot be matched. Web-based financial software provides real-time insights, tracking, and updates for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Conveniently work on financial documents from anywhere at any time with an array of mobile devices.

Proper performance monitoring is helpful

A lack of proper performance monitoring can lead to huge financial loses and holes in the company’s reporting. It is critical to maintain a watchful eye over all the ins and outs of the business’s financial dealings.

Proper performance and financial documentation can provide a more accurate picture of what is and is not working for the business. The ebb and flow of finances will help owners to make more practical financial decisions for the future.

Hiring the best of the best

Hiring the most competent professionals available in their field will build the most functional and capable business team. Take the time to vet out just the right talent for the organization.

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